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Wed, Feb 13 1:59pm · Mild traumatic brain injury in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Lisa. I am doing much better than a year ago. It was 1 year ago this week I went to the brain clinic for 2 intensive weeks of therapy. One of the things that had to happen and has occurred as of late is my acceptance of the current state I am in. I cannot change my reality but can respond well to do.
With respect to your question, I have a small balance beam that sits on the floor and I use it daily. I walk in a sort of slow march (opposite pointer finger forward with opposite knee rising) forwards a couple of times. Backwards a couple of times. I also do a side walk (like in a karaoke shuffle) slowly. I repeat all of this with my eyes closed as well. The key is not perfection, but rather progress. I go slow.
I also continue to do eye exercises with colored sticker dots in a cross pattern and in a diagonal pattern. My problem is my left eye stopped moving in conjunction with my right so I follow the up to the right and down to the left pattern. In recent research I have found quite a bit of info discussing eye sight as a major key to repairing the brain functions. This seems to be accurate in my case.
I also do balance exercises on a bosu ball. Sometimes on the flat side and sometimes on the rounded side. It depends on how the brain is feeling and functioning at that time.
However, I am always up for learning new routines.

Thu, Jan 24 9:08am · Monthly shaking episodes that continue to progress in Brain & Nervous System

As was previously shared by @jcnel I too have dealth with PNES and some of what you wrote rang somewhat familiar.

Wed, Jan 23 8:55pm · Stem Cell Therapy for TBI in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Lisa. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately, my aunt's friend is having stem cell done for other issues and not brain related. I know she has apparently responded well to the treatments. However, it doesn't seem the proper comparison so hopefully this forum will be helpful. I am strongly considering Bangkok but have heard it best to have my own stem cells harvested. Unsure as to the merit of this advice.

Mon, Jan 21 12:01pm · Stem Cell Therapy for TBI in Brain & Nervous System

I am spending some good time researching this topic. My aunt is willing to pay for treatment if I can find viable research to support it. Her friend has had good success (outside of the US). Can anybody shed light on this as an option? Where? How?

Mon, Jan 21 11:59am · Mild traumatic brain injury in Brain & Nervous System

This is really good counsel. Attitude really has an effect. I suffered a major TBI and was an elite level athlete who struggled to put on pants without leaning against a wall. Balance exercises also help me.