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Mon, Jan 21 12:01am · my busy nose in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

hello. no it never stops, never. sort of like a running faucet that wont cut off even with the pipes not being connected lol

Sun, Jan 20 11:53pm · A nervous human-being in Depression & Anxiety

this means so much to me thank you for responding, and no i do not practice gratitude although i will begin to research it anything for a piece of mind. Only thing im prone to doing is water fasting and prayer, meditation with transurfing music . Thank you again

Sun, Jan 20 11:39pm · my busy nose in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

everyday all day I constantly blow blow blow blow my nose. its so full of clear mucous if i go too long without blowing it itll hit the back of my throat (YUCKY) my son has the same problem too ive been dealing with this since the 7th grade. we go through soooooo much tissue and kleenex i have taken benadryl certazine zyrtec (however you spell it lol) anything you can think of ive had it, nothing seems to help any suggestions? oh yeah i use to get the allergy shots too

Sun, Jan 20 11:27pm · A nervous human-being in Depression & Anxiety

Anybody somebody if youre out there and you believe in God please pray for my father as he goes in for open heart surgery next Monday. He is 70 yrs young i cant lose him i refuse to be here without him or my mother yea i know this life isnt forever i also have kids and dont know what they would do without me but i would die from a broken heart i just know it had God called them home without expectancy for sure. i can hardly enjoy the now for worrying about things like that. Oh how i pray we just all be called at once in the rapture the first go round so i wont experience a loss, my heart isnt that strong. i cant sleep i have insomnia ugh its like my brain is on an icebox that doesnt work because its so full of sadness but everyone is yet alive, God help me and forgive me for being so fearful although i do believe in you!

Sun, Jan 20 10:46pm · My dad has to have open heart surgery. I'm so scared! in Heart & Blood Health

hello Louis I am sorry to hear the bad news about your father you and your family will be in my prayers. My mother had this surgery when i was 14 years old it saved her life, thank God! Now my dad who is 70 has to have this done, i am so afraid all i can do is cry, pray and trust in God to work his miracles, please keep me in your prayers because the closer the date comes the worse i become anxious, sad, angry, just a complete mess. Although my dad is a very strong person i just cant imagine life without him for he is the only person who loves me unconditionally 🙁