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5 days ago · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

You're very welcome! It's great that all of us can help each other out thru our experiences in life.

6 days ago · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

The pH level in the black tea is 4.99-5.55
The pH level in the green tea is 7-10
The Ph level in the herbal tea is 6-7
The pH level in the blackberry tea is 2-3
Green tea would be the best choice, then herbal.
You can add milk to your tea to reduce acidity.

6 days ago · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Before being diagnosed with BE, I drank 6 sodas a day. I also drank 6 cups of coffee too. I would snack after supper watching tv. I ate before bedtime too. I was really bad not thinking about the consequences. Now I watch it seriously almost overboard! I get my next upper endoscopy in Oct. so I'm hoping it doesn't change.
Soda is the number one enemy!

Sun, Jan 19 11:56am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Read ingredients label on flavored water, if there is acid added stay away from it because it will burn your esophagus on the way down. Stay away from lemons too. If you want to flavor plain water add a few chunks of watermelon. All melons are safe to eat. Ripe bananas are better to eat than new ones. Less acid in them.

Sun, Jan 19 8:40am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Stop eating 3hrs before bed. No vinegar products, no chocolate or mint. Oatmeal is good, shredded wheat and bran cereal is good too.

Sun, Jan 19 8:02am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Also only use pink Himalayan salt instead of regular salt. No pepper of any kind.

Sun, Jan 19 7:53am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Welcome nasale to the forum. Sorry to hear about your Barrett's condition. I think I would find a new Dr. After hearing he didn't inform you about your Barrett's. I have it too and really watch my diet. I bought a book off Amazon ( the acid watchers diet) great info about gerd and diet. Number one is stop drinking soda, booze, regular coffee, fruit juices and oj. I only drink unsweetened almond milk and water. Almond milk is alkaline.
No tomato products of any kind. No Italian, Mexican, or fried foods. Baked fish, baked chicken and turkey are good. You can have a cup of low acid coffee ( healthwise brand).
I have mine with added almond milk instead of creamer. Eat fresh vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, Lima beans, green beans,asparagus, mushrooms. Brown rice and baked potatoes are ok. Eat brownberry 100% whole wheat bread. For dessert I have peanut butter whole wheat toast. Stay away from high sugar and highly processed foods. Don't eat a lot of red meat. Stay away from foods with a lot of added acids in the ingredients. Hope this helps you! Time to change your diet. I didn't like it either but I'm used to it now. I also exercise a lot.

Dec 17, 2019 · LINX procedure in Digestive Health

If she already has damage to the esophagus she needs the ppi's to heal it. I would get a second opinion from Mayo if you can. She needs to be on a low acid diet too. No spicy, fried, Italian,Mexican foods. No soda ever. No fruit juices of any kind. Stop eating 3hrs before bedtime. Stay away from highly processed foods which have a lot of acid in them.
Almond milk is alkaline so it's good to drink. Melon is good to eat. Baked chicken and turkey are good too. No seasoning except pink Himalayan salt which is not refined like table salt. Broccoli, aspergus, green beans, Lima beans, peas, Brussel sprouts. Sorry to hear she has this at such a young age.