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9 hours ago · hemorrhoid rubber band ligation in Digestive Health

My wife had it done, easy peasy! No problems!
Nothing to worry about.

Thu, Nov 7 9:13am · Nissen fundoplication success in Digestive Health

Did you have all the procedures done at Mayo?

Fri, Nov 1 6:24am · Failed nissen...options? in Digestive Health

If she already has damage to the esophagus she needs the ppi's to heal it. I would get a second opinion from Mayo if you can. She needs to be on a low acid diet too. No spicy, fried, Italian,Mexican foods. No soda ever. No fruit juices of any kind. Stop eating 3hrs before bedtime. Stay away from highly processed foods which have a lot of acid in them.
Almond milk is alkaline so it's good to drink. Melon is good to eat. Baked chicken and turkey are good too. No seasoning except pink Himalayan salt which is not refined like table salt. Broccoli, aspergus, green beans, Lima beans, peas, Brussel sprouts. Sorry to hear she has this at such a young age.

Mon, Oct 21 6:55pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

That's terrible that the VA won't pay for the drug. My sister is a RN at the VA hospital in Milwaukee Wi and she told me don't ever come here for care. I have a good insurance from my job so I don't use the VA. Serve your country and wreck your health and they won't give you the drug that was prescribed. Thank your husband for his service and I hope they figure out what drug he needs to improve his health. Take care.

Sun, Oct 20 1:10pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

It also produces insulin to control blood sugar. Just curious, did your husband stick to a strict diet or was he lax with it?

Sun, Oct 20 11:51am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Yes they are connected because the pancreas secrete digestive juices for the stomach.

Tue, Oct 15 11:03am · Bacteria in Digestive Health

I was free of the H pylori in one month.

Tue, Oct 15 10:59am · Bacteria in Digestive Health

Antibiotic was Clarithromycin 1 tab 2x a day for 14 days.
Amoxicillin 500mg 2 caps twice a day x 14 days