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Sun, Sep 6 6:44pm · Stool: Should I be worried about internal bleeding? in Digestive Health

Jadillow, do you take ibuprofen by chance? It causes internal bleeding. I used to take it
A lot and it caused a bleed in my small intestine. They had to cauterize my small intestine to stop the bleeding. I was weak for months after that.

Tue, Sep 1 3:26pm · I have a terrible burn feeling in my chest after I eat certain foods. in Digestive Health

How long have you been bothered by reflux? If it's been a long time I'd get it checked. Stay away from spicy foods, tomato products, Italian food, fried foods, junk food, soda and booze. Unsweetened almond milk is alkaline and good for you. Drink more water. No eating 3hrs before bedtime. Raise your headboard 6" if you reflux at night.
Stay away from lemons,limes, grapes, apples, oranges as their all acidic. Ripe bananas are good and melons. No chocolate or mint. Hope this helps you.

Mon, Aug 10 12:43pm · Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LRP) - severity and outlook? in Digestive Health

Healthwise is the low acid coffee I get off Amazon, I have a bunn drip 10cup coffee maker and I only use 3 tablespoons of coffee for it, you don't need much. I don't know how long I've had Barrett's but it was found after I had a bleeding ulcer repaired. Most of my reflux was silent. If you like tea you can have green tea decaf. Stay away from a lot of sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup.

Mon, Aug 10 11:21am · Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LRP) - severity and outlook? in Digestive Health

Anything alkaline is good for you. Unsweetened regular almond milk Is great too. Dairy free, gluten free,soy free and 1 carb a cup. Stay away from booze, SODA, anything carbonated. I drink low acid coffee in the morning with almond milk as a creamer. Almond milk is a neutralizer. Stay away from citrus. Anything acidic will burn on the way down. Ripe bananas have less acid. No processed meats. No tomato products. No spicy foods or seasoning. No pepper of any kind. No vinegar products. I only drink water and almond milk all day. Stay away from highly processed foods. No fried foods. Don't eat 3 hrs before bed. I'm very strict on my diet and will get scoped this fall to see how my Barrett's is doing. Stop the reflux early before it turns into something serious. Good Luck!

Mon, Aug 10 8:38am · Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LRP) - severity and outlook? in Digestive Health

Anyone with this condition should get the book The acid watcher diet . I bought mine off amazon. Great info! Tells you what to avoid.

Wed, Aug 5 10:14am · Pain and chronic constipation: Alternative to colonoscopy? in Digestive Health

Take fiber powder and miralax every morning. Avoid fried food and fatty meats. Eat more green vegtables, whole wheat bread, raw carrots,celery, broccoli, cucumbers. No soda. Drink plenty of water and see if that helps.

Tue, Aug 4 6:16am · The Right Diagnosis: H. Pylori infection in Digestive Health

I had H Pylori and acid reflux along with a bleeding ulcer.
Don't take any ibuprofen as it causes bleeding.
No eating 3 hrs before bedtime .
Low acid diet only.

Thu, Jul 23 6:26am · Acid Reflux: How do you get relief? in Digestive Health

I'm on pantropazole 1/2hr before supper. I only drink water and unsweetened gluten free regular almond milk, 1 carb per cup, almond milk is alkaline which is good.