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Feb 15, 2019 · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Skin Health

I’m 68 years of age and suffer from BMS. I have seen many medical specialists and tried many things. I use a small amount of eatable marijuana in the late afternoon
after any “driving chores” are done. It gives me back some mucous lining in my raw mouth, calms me down, and makes me feel less sorry for myself. Take a tiny bit to see how it effects you and don’t have any alcohol as that magnifies the effect. I find it stays in my system for quite a number of hours so be careful not to use more until it has worn off – don’t drive until next day. If I’ve had a very quiet day sometimes don’t take again ‘TIL second day. It also makes my lips feel less tight and hurtful. It doesn’t “cure” for sure but gives relief for a few hours when you can’t take it anymore. I don’t use any other meds regularly except vitamin B12 and vitamin D3. Hope this assists someone. – B

Jan 22, 2019 · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Skin Health

Another woman on-line gave me the mouthguard tip (Not from this site). Her situation mirrored mine. She had needed to use a sports mouthguard unrelated to her BMS issues and noticed immediately that it helped her BMS so she had her dentist make her a more streamlined guard so easier to speak while wearing etc.
Mine looks like a kid’s plastic retainer – covers my top teeth – I followed what she did – bought an inexpensive drug store/ make it yourself at home to try and when it helped got my dentist to make a better one. I find when the mouth tissues are hurting you involuntarily move your tongue around or make “clenching” motions inside your mouth as if trying to suck on a non-existing candy or gum – the mouthguard stops the action – blocks it and allows you to “quiet” the movement which exacerbated the condition. For me – I wear it on and off during the day and take out when I’m ready to close my eyes to sleep. My mouth always feels almost normal upon waking – but as soon as I arise and begin morning ablutions it starts up and gets gradually worse as the day goes on. I have also discovered the mini sleep – eyes closed – quiets temporarially. For me – I’ll try anything to keep down the need for meds to control the pain. Babs@@

Jan 20, 2019 · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Skin Health

I also am afflicted with this nasty syndrome. I am 68 years of age and I am a mostly retired court reporter. First six months I tried to figure out on my own thinking it was an allergy. My quality of life quickly went downhill so began seeing doctors including ENT, neurologists X 2, allergist, and dental experts, had lots and lots of blood tests and several MRIs of brain and entire spine. I was treated very well and told what I don’t have. A woman doctor (not sure of her exact qualifications) in Toronto specializes in researching and treating BMS tells me I have Burning Mouth Syndrome and prescribed Clonazapam at night (low dose) along with the Lyrica my ENT specialist had prescribed. Those drugs have heavy side effects and are addictive and only covered up the problem so I chose not to take them for more than 2 or 3 months. (They did give some respite from the pain)
I am now taking “bits” of edible marihuana(once a day) to cover the pain. It helps the pain in my lips and helps to relax me – which also assists my desperate and grumpy mood. I take as little as possible and not until needed. My personal syndrome symptoms, along with the mouth pain, includes a large dull headache and in my throat a constant salivating and swallowing and involuntary contracting of tissues on the right side of throat only. This last part is not assisted by the marihuana. Lucky for me,when I close my eyes to sleep it all stops. When I wake I’m fine except for sometimes headache will cause me to get up, but my mouth is all fine — once up – it all starts again — worse after lunch and worse still in the evening. I had my dentist fashion a mouth guard for me that I wear during the day – helps stop the “movement” of my tongue inside my mouth when it is moving around and helps me to “quiet” my mouth and throat down.
It helps me stay away from stressful situations and to lie down and close my eyes to make it stop – eyes must be closed. I learned the mouth guard trick from a lady on line. I hope this assists and or adds to research in this area —- one day at a time- bmc