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Sat, Jun 20 7:18pm · Aromatase Inhihibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not? in Breast Cancer

Best of luck on the Exemestane! I started on Anastrozole, and it gave me some pretty bad ‘brain fog’ and memory issues. I’ve found a few articles on-line about low estrogen from these meds causing memory/cognitive function challenges. I had a similar issue with tomoxifin. I’m now on Exemestane and it’s not perfect, but it’s better for me than Anastrozole or Tomoxifin. Do some research on line for yourself and your individual situation. For me, it’s been a trial and error process. Personally, I don't think any of these drugs are perfect, they all have side effects, but it’s certainly better than a return of cancer!

Sat, Jun 20 3:23pm · LUMPECTOMY SCAR HEALING TIME in Breast Cancer

I agree with Laurie that it’s unusual that the incision would reopen after 6 months. At least call your doctor to let them know. He/She is able to give much more accurate advise. IMO, should be logged on your medical chart should there be any further complications in the future.

Fri, Jun 19 11:07am · LUMPECTOMY SCAR HEALING TIME in Breast Cancer

It’s been two years now, the scar in my armpit where they took lymph nodes is a little tender. I notice it when I raise that arm, but it’s not really painful. The incision in my breast where they took out the actual tumor doesn’t bother me at all.

Mon, Jun 15 1:03pm · Heart racing: Tamoxifen side effects or other causes? in Breast Cancer

I currently live in Salt Lake City. But I’m originally from Oakville, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis. I know the heat and humidity well in Missouri.

Mon, Jun 15 12:09pm · Heart racing: Tamoxifen side effects or other causes? in Breast Cancer

I agree that the anxiety I am feeling is partially from my cancer journey/meds., then adding shelter in place, plus the social unrest we are experiencing! Cancer is stressful enough all by itself, and now we add the social isolation to avoid coronavirus, plus the social injustices we read about everyday in the news! I just want to hide inside my house all by myself! Thankfully, I’m a gardener! We moved about 5 years ago to a much smaller home with a very tiny yard, no mowing! But I have plenty of containers for gardening and I can release some of the pent up stress!

Sun, May 17 3:58pm · MammaPrint (prognostic/predictive diagnostic test) Insurance Coverage in Breast Cancer

Thank you both for your kindness. I have pursued this issue with insurance as much as I can tolerate. Ive been working on this for well over a year, and hitting a brick wall every way I turn. I will pay this debt off by making payments a little at a time until it’s done. My credit rating and good reputation of paying my bills is valuable to me. I posted here to see if others have had similar experiences. Plus a warning to other readers of what has happen to me in this situation. I am very grateful for the availability of mammaprint from Agendia. This test saved me from needing to go through the struggles of chemotherapy. Just because the hospitals and physicians we work with are within our preferred list with insurance, it doesn’t mean that lab work and other testing they prescribe is also covered. Nor is it necessarily the physicians responsibility to check each patients insurance coverage. We must ask questions and advocate for ourselves in medical procedures. But as I said in my original post, the cost is a bitter pill to swallow! Hoping my experience can be beneficial to others as they pursue the best treatments for themselves.

Sat, May 16 2:19pm · MammaPrint (prognostic/predictive diagnostic test) Insurance Coverage in Breast Cancer

John and Teresa, Thank you both for your response. It’s been nearly two years since I had breast cancer and a mammaprint test. Of course I’ve perused it with Blue Cross as much as possible in those two year’s time! At the time I was covered under my husband’s health insurance policy from his employment. I have since aged into Medicare, plus a supplement ( I chose a Medicare supplement with a company other than Blue Cross because of this issue.) I have pursued this mammaprint issue with Blue Cross for over a year. Each time I have persistently called, I get the run around from agent to agent, Several times my call has been ‘dropped‘ in transfers from agent to supervisor, so I have to start the calling all over again. The bottom line is always that “it’s not covered”. I wondered if others on these message boards have had the same problem. I am also hoping that other women here reading our posts will see my experience and hopefully prevent this problem for themselves.

Wed, May 13 5:31pm · MammaPrint (prognostic/predictive diagnostic test) Insurance Coverage in Breast Cancer

My Medical insurance has refused to cover my MammaPrint from Agendia testing service. Has anyone else had this problem? I was covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shied and they won’t cover it. It’s $4200.00, it is worth every penny to me because it helped determine that I did not need Chemo., and that radiation would suffice in my case. But the cost is also a bitter pill to swallow.