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Mon, Jul 22 5:42am · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

I have joint problems everywhere . Before you get out of bed start to gently move fingers , wrists , ankles while you are laying down to get that circulation going . I learn this from doing yoga . Yoga helps

Mon, Jul 22 5:37am · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

We are all different so our reactions are not the same . After 3 1/2 months anastrozole destroyed my joints , bones and muscles . Stoped taking it 7 months ago and working at getting my body to function like it did before that horrible medicine. I have an 87 chance cancer won’t come back with
Out further treatment so why did they do this to me ? Money that’s why

Sun, Jun 30 11:19am · Aromatase Inhihibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not? in Breast Cancer

My cancer has. 13 % recurrence off medication and 6 % if I stay on the meds . 87 % chance of not having a reoccurrence is how I see it . It was not worth the quality of life I had on them . I also already have heart condition so I decided to go off them
In December . I am doing yoga a couple times a week and other exercise to get strength back . I have or had stage 2 ILC ,

Sun, Jun 30 11:06am · Tamoxifen 10mg vs 20mg in Breast Cancer

You are in charge . That is one of the side effects I was having . I even got lost while driving and forgot where I was going . No one warned me about the side effects

Tue, Jun 4 5:46am · Stage 2 breast cancer: What treatments decisions did you have to make? in Breast Cancer

I had 30 treatments , skin irritation minor and toward the end . Simple lotion will help that . I thought it was easy to do . You really don’t feel the treatments . But you will get tired , few pains here and there maybe

Tue, Jun 4 5:20am · Exercise during chemo in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Just finished the live strong program and I am wearing my yellow wrist band . Thank God for that program . For those who don’t know the Ymca has this program for free and it’s 12 weeks , 2 times week