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Thu, Feb 7 8:19pm · Renadyl in Kidney & Bladder

my labs taken on 2/6 show ***BIG*** improvement .
My creatinine and GFR numbers moved the right way .
Creatinine moved 67% of the distance from where it was on 1/4 back to normal ….
and GFR moved 41% of the distance back to normal .

I have taken several steps besides taking Renadyl but I believe the Renadyl definitely has been a factor .
If I have continued improvement on my next test on 3/6 that will pretty much seal the deal
as the Renadyl says it takes three months for full effect
and I have not even been on for a whole month yet .

Sat, Feb 2 6:26pm · Bladder Cancer: Stage 2 high grade in Cancer

yes … I had chemo and then the bladder , prostrate , and lymph nodes removed . I had a section of intestine made into an abdominal pouch that I drain with a catheter ,, ask me anything

Thu, Jan 24 8:04pm · Renadyl in Kidney & Bladder

it is my impression that long term use is the real problem … but I am by no means a medical professional in any way . It does sound like having good biotics in the digestive tract is a plus for the kidneys ,

Wed, Jan 23 9:23pm · Renadyl in Kidney & Bladder

I have rapidly changing numbers and have gone from normal range to stage 3 in a flash .

Five years ago I had bladder cancer and had my bladder removed and had the pouch made out of intestine section modification done . This led to frequent UTI infections which have been minimized by taking two antibiotics daily.

I now realize that taking the antibiotics kills the good biotics in the digestive track that feed off of creatinine in the blood .
That increases the creatinine level in the blood which increases the workload on the kidneys .
I have stopped taking all antibiotics and started taking probiotic Renadyl
in an attempt to stop and hopefully improve the creatinine levels in my blood .

I realize this puts me at risk for UTI but priority # 1 right now is kidneys .

There is another possible cause that involves a slow draining kidney due to a partially blocked ureter where it connects to the pouch ((scar tissue )) ,

If my stopping antibiotics and taking Renadyl does not show any positive effects on Feb , 6 blood test ,,, I will likely have a drain tube coming out of my back , draining the slow draining kidney into an exterior bag .
Meanwhile I would still be draining the other kiney with a catheter through my stoma .
If that helps then an attempt will be made to put a stint in the partially blocked ureter .

I sure am hoping one of these actions fixes the situation . I am already an incomplete quadriplegic ,,,,(( due to a twenty foot fall at work and a crushed cervical spine fused from C2 to T1 along with 3 metal rods and 14 screws ))

who has to drain his urine with a catheter through a stoma in his gut . Adding kidney failure to the mix , well , it is getting to be a bit much .

The doctors have not recommended the Renadyl .
All the kidney doctor recommended in December was stopping one of the antibiotics .
The other steps I took on my own and made them aware .
Urology is wanting to do the drain test ASAP but I have quality of life concerns
considering what I already am going through . I want to see step one results first .

Thu, Jan 17 9:15pm · Renadyl in Kidney & Bladder

Does anybody have any experience with Renadyl .? Did it lower the creatinine numbers in a blood lab ?