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Fri, Oct 4 6:54pm · Life after a cancer diagnosis in Cancer

Beautiful-thx for posting.

Wed, Oct 2 8:28am · Life after a cancer diagnosis in Cancer

Good for you Laurie. So happy to hear you have the live strong program to attend. I hope the program becomes available all over our country. I love it and so good to be with other cancer survivors and seeing their determination to help themselves become stronger.

Tue, Oct 1 9:30am · Life after a cancer diagnosis in Cancer

I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last Dec and had surgery April 10th of this year. My first 3 month checkup showed NED however there are a couple of spots on my liver that have darkened since the last CT so per the radiologist suggested an MRI as the spots are too small to biopsy.
Yes, I too have scan anxiety, not quite as bad as when I went thru the initial staging process but still always in the back of my mind.
I’m grateful I’ve had the summer to work on building up my body with walking my dogs, doing yoga, golf, mowing my yard. @ this stage there is nothing I can’t do that I did before my diagnosis. Now I am going thru a program called Live Strong @ my YMCA which is for cancer survivors and their caregivers. We do strength training, cardio, yoga and some mat exercises for balance. This is a 12 week program twice a week for about an hour each session. We have 8 cancer survivors and three caregivers in our class.
My point in telling you this is because the more I engage in the daily activities that I enjoyed in the past and staying engaged with people that matter and care about me, the better I feel. I do think about my upcoming MRI and my 2nd 3 month checkup, but I refuse to let it control my life. I will do what I can to keep this cancer from coming back by my diet, physical activity and God’s mercy.
Peace and courage as you continue your journey.

Mon, Jul 1 10:12am · radiation following surgery- proton vs conventional treatment in Cancer

You’ve been thru a lot and I certainly understand your hesitation about proton radiation. I’m hoping you’ll receive many more posts from people that have received proton radiation as well as from your research on the internet from hospitals and clinics that administer proton radiation. Hang in there!

Sun, Jun 30 8:39pm · radiation following surgery- proton vs conventional treatment in Cancer

I had 25 proton radiation treatments for 5 weeks @ Mayo in Rochester plus one weekly chemo for 5 weeks. I suffered no ill effects other than fatigue that gradullay came on after about 2-3 weeks. I drank a lot of fluids, walked to my appointments, went to a gym a few times and basically tried to move every day. I also ate a balance of healthy foods and did indulge in ice cream, mac and cheese and other higher caloric foods to maintain my weight, which was a concern because of chemo mainly. Proton radiation was recommended for my type of cancer(EC) because of how it pinpoints the cancer with a more precise beam and does little to no damage to other adjacent organs. Bottom line-it shrunk my tumor by 2/3 and Im confident the chemo killed the cancer. No fear and best wishes with your journey.

Fri, Jun 28 8:27am · Esophagectomy surgery in Head & Neck Cancer

Hello survivor suz
I was diagnosed with EC(adenocarcinoma) in Dec. I had 5 rounds of weekly chemo and 25 rounds of daily chemo in 5 weeks. April 10th I had an esophagectomy, the minimally invasive Ivor Lewis @ Mayo in Rochester. I had a feeding tube inserted during surgery and started on the feeding regimen on day 7 in the hospital and continued for a little over a month @ home while I began eating clear liquids and moving up to solid food on week 3. The feeding tube kept me from losing more weight, basically kept me alive until I could get in more calories. I’m still struggling a bit getting in enough calories and learning what and how to eat, though I basically eat what I want except dairy seems to not agree with me anymore. I walk daily, started mowing my grass, attend yoga classes and have begun practice with my golf clubs. My only advice to you would be to choose a hospital that does many surgeries and deals with many patients diognosed with EC. Best wishes as you gather information that will help you make an informed decision.

Sun, May 12 7:26pm · Esophageal Cancer Stage 2 in Head & Neck Cancer

Hi Colleen,

Thx for asking! I am one month and 4 days post surgery and have been home since April 22. I’m on a feeding tube and am gradually weening off from 7 cartons and am now down to 2 per day. I’m also on a regular diet and am trying to eat 6 small meals per day. I’m only down 6lbs from my admission weight to the hospital but eating when I’m not hungry is going to be very challenging going forward. I’ve had no issues with dumping syndrome only some spasms in my new esophagus and a little rapid heartbeat for a short time.

I have had an unproductive cough since surgery and have been reading this is a common symptom with EC surgery which some say should go away within a month to longer. I am walking daily 1-1 1/2 miles per day plus doing flexibility exercises daily and strength training with bands 3 days per week per instruction from St. Mary’s Respiratory therapy program.

I am still fatigued but do take my daily nap. I’m sleeping better @ night(not on pain meds)now that I have no pain in my right shoulder area.

Check up coming up in a couple of weeks to have the feeding tube removed, some testing and hopefully I am on the slow road to recovery. I’ll remain hopeful and thankful for how far I’ve come.

Sat, Mar 23 9:19am · Esophageal Cancer Stage 2 in Head & Neck Cancer

I’m having an esophagectomy in April for stage 2 esophageal cancer-(adenocarcinoma). Though I was initially staged a t2n1, my thoracic surgeon calls it stage 3. I would welcome survivors of this cancer and surgery to connect with me to give me all the information they’d like to share about their journey with this cancer and life after an esophagectomy.