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2 days ago · How well is pain controlled after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I had a half knee replacement on 1/7 and went home the same day. I took minimum oxycodon for a few days and switched to OTC Advil. I started in home PT on day 2 and office PT on day 8.

Having said that, I did not take enough pain meds. Person after person told me to stay ahead of the pain and I did not. Now I am telling you to do it. If you have too much pain you won’t do PT properly and you need PT. I am 10 days post op and going for my second PT in a couple of hours.

As far as working, I don’t see that as being too much of an issue if you can get driven to your office. The first couple of days post op you may be spacey from the pain meds.

Ice works wonders BTW. It is as good as pain meds IMHO.

Good luck. I suffered more than I needed to but I somehow feel suffering makes me more noble. It doesn’t, control your pain and do your PT.

Fri, Jan 11 6:48am · When to start PT in Joint Replacements


My great hope is to participate in the Senior Games in the sprint races, 400 meters or less. I don't think I am any good at the longer stuff. I never was. I did take a bronze in the 100 meters two years ago so I would like to get back to that. I have an advantage in that I am now in an older bracket and don't have to run against those 65 YO kids.:-)

I am walking without a cane but I keep it close for those first couple of steps.

I will check back with you when I hit my next home run in softball.

Thu, Jan 10 7:40am · When to start PT in Joint Replacements

Debbra; Thanks for your input. I had a partial knee replacement and was in pretty good physical shape before surgery. I have spoken with my doctor about my goals and his reply is, "we'll talk in two months." I have high hopes but I am also a realistic person.
Taking a two or three mile walk without pain would improve my life. Maybe that is what I will have to settle for. I still think I can play softball but will have to move to a less active position perhaps. I am elevating, icing, doing my pre PT exercises and after three days I am amazed by the progress I have made. I am using a cane and sometimes forget to use it. The first few steps after sitting or a killer though. Pain meds are down to half level and I will probably stop them tomorrow. All-in-all I would say I am more than happy with my results.

I wish you well and hope to see you on the beach.

Wed, Jan 9 4:15pm · When to start PT in Joint Replacements

JK. Thanks for all of the info. I have a PT person lined up for outside and he faxed me some exercises to get started on. When I looked at them yesterday they all seemed so impossible. Today I am 50 hours post op and I can do most of them. So I am now hopeful I can come all the way back. We shall see

Thanks again and live well and long.

Tue, Jan 8 10:02am · When to start PT in Joint Replacements

I had a partial left knee replacement about 24 hours ago. I am/was an avid 70 YO softball player and I want to get back in the game as quickly as possible. I also would like to return to competitive sprint running. Am I expecting too much? I can be a really good patient if there is a chance it will get me back in the game. Thoughts anyone. I know nothing. Please help.