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Thu, Jan 24 9:09am · Bone on bone thumbs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had an osteo-integrated screw on R wrist, some moderate pain easily managed, back to normal in about 6 weeks. Left wrist was the tendon relocation: splinted with sutures for 2 weeks, then a rigid splint for 4 weeks along with some PT. Overall pain not bad but probably wouldn't have wanted to work (am retired anyway). I sensed some minor loss of strength because of loss of tendon but that has improved over the past couple of years. Bottom line: both methods worked well and continue to serve me well. Hope this helps.

Fri, Jan 18 4:30pm · Bone on bone thumbs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Two different surgeons in different towns. Each had preferred method. Was back to full use in about 2 months.

Thu, Jan 17 2:00pm · Bone on bone thumbs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had both thumbs surgically treated years ago, both are fine now. One was fusing the 2 rubbing bones together with an implanted titanium screw. The other, a tendon was substituted for the offending bone (arthroplasty) and it took a bit longer to rehab. Find an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hands and get references. I am 76 now. Was in 60's for first one, 70's for second one.

Sun, Jan 6 1:25pm · Pseudo Gout in Autoimmune Diseases

Recovering from first episode of this painful problem in one knee. Have been on celecoxib, prednisone dose pac. Wondering about long term management suggestions, age 76, good health, love to hike and work out.

Sun, Jan 6 11:52am · Bone on bone thumbs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Chronic osteo in both thumbs. C-MC fusion in 2003 (age 61), worked well, still does, about 4-6 weeks recovery. Arthroplasty on other thumb 2014, worked well, longer recovery, still fine now in 2019. Personal preference: C-MC fusion by competent orthopedist specializing in hands and wrists.