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Thu, Oct 17 11:19am · Dealing with resentments in Depression & Anxiety

Here I am seeking help. I am depressed. For religious purposes, I am not allowed to become angry at others etc; I have to be highly polite to them even if they are not so to me.
The question is: what does psychology say about a resentment: should I suppress it or disclose it?
I have tried to disclose it in the past. It was terrible. Now I ignore it and move on. It is highly amazing.
However, on Sunday I had a dispute with someone. I was truly stressed out. What I felt is the desire to revenge all those around who has hurt me in the past! This is the problem with suppression ! It is really terrible once the thing is out of your control!! I hade a stressful week. And I felt the revenge desire again and again. In the past, I used to meditate and ignore the resentments. Once I really rarely become stressed out, I feel the desire to go to that person and open an old dispute to revenge!
So what should I do? What is the psychological perception of this matter? And also do not forget what my religion says about being angry etc. what I am seeking is a comfortable solution both for short term and long term.

Wed, Oct 16 5:50am · caffeine withdrawal headche and exhaustion in Depression & Anxiety

Everyday life performance
I suspect interaction but unsure
The 2nd day of consuming much caffeine the symptoms appeared immediately

Tue, Oct 15 12:48pm · caffeine withdrawal headche and exhaustion in Depression & Anxiety

my body is unfamiliar with increased caffeine consumption at all. I consumed much saturated tea probably 1.5 L for two days. during the 2nd day I felt: headache;dizzeness;exhaustion; poor concentration. i am also depressed and taking cipralex 20 mg. the doctor gave me panadol; it is good but i still have poor performance. what can i do? i drunk much water and exercised. still need something to elevate my performance. what food do u recommend? what drinks etc. i cannot read online articles due to poor concentration to seek remedy. your help is needed. i do not feel the enery to type correctly in this discussion!

Sat, Aug 24 1:46am · Does “Moringa” interact with Lexapro? in Depression & Anxiety

@gingerw I used to consume moringa but symptoms persist. It is now a week or so since last time I consumed moringa. When I visited the doctor he was unable to help me at all. Blood pressure, sugar and temperature are normal. He could not do anything to help me

Fri, Aug 23 12:24pm · Does “Moringa” interact with Lexapro? in Depression & Anxiety

I am taking moringa to ease my depression. I never took it before starting taking Lexapro, so I cannot decide whether the symptoms are usual or not. I used to drink two cups of moringa daily in the form of tea bags. According to my little experience with Lexapro and several herbs, There is sometimes interaction between Lexapro and some types of herbs. I think the scientists are more concerned with the interaction between medications rather than between medications and herbs. This is why there is little information about the interaction between medications and herbs. I used to consume moringa maybe five days ago but I still feel terrible!

Fri, Aug 23 11:57am · Does “Moringa” interact with Lexapro? in Depression & Anxiety

I feel terribly bad these days. A possible reason is consuming moringa. No online data was found about the suspected interaction. So can you help me? If you feel terrible without knowing why.. it is devastating. I wish I could know what causes me such a relapse!

Thu, Aug 22 7:09am · What causes depression? in Depression & Anxiety

I feel shocked to know that there is almost no one depressed among the Amish people, since they still maintain an old-fashioned lifestyle! However, a question popped up into my mind: What causes depression: lifestyle or innate traits like being a highly sensitive person? Some scientists say: change your traits and you will get better. Others would say change you lifestyle to be better. In fact I need clarification about it. If I am a highly sensitive person and face a hundred resentments a day while living an old lifestyle, will I be depressed? I hope I put it clear

Sat, Aug 17 12:37pm · How should I respond to criticism? in Depression & Anxiety

@hopeful33250 The method of affirmation is highly effective as of my experience. I will try to add it to my daily tasks