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2 days ago · LEXAPRO in Depression & Anxiety

Such symptoms are never experienced except when taking Lexapro. I feel much better now after stopping consuming the herb. I feel sure that it is the cause of relapse, nothing else.

Thanks for God

3 days ago · LEXAPRO in Depression & Anxiety

I am taking 20 mg of Lexapro daily. I consumed Frankincense many many hours before taking the medication. I felt increased depression. When I took it other day I felt the same thing. What should I do now? Totally tired and exhausted!

Mon, Jul 8 1:55pm · Horrible Lexapro Side Effects Not Going Away. in Depression & Anxiety

I have been diagnosed with depression and my physician described Lexapro, 20 mg. It is very convenient to me. You may wish to ask your psychiatrist to change your antidepressant. It is very normal, as far as I know, that a certain antidepressant works for a patient absolutely good, while it works totally bad for another

Thu, Jun 27 5:13pm · Push-ups to ease depression in Depression & Anxiety

I heard that it is effective to do push ups in order to ease depression. I have some spontaneous questions. How many push-ups should I do daily? What schedule is good to follow; I mean if I am supposed to do 100 push-ups a day, then how many should I do in the morning and how many at evening etc. I need guidelines about this matter

Thu, Jun 27 5:09pm · Decreased energy after waking up in Depression & Anxiety

I am diagnosed with depression. If I wake up, I feel very exhausted. I feel like pulling myself from the bed ! Before I sleep, I feel much better. Sleep should make me full of energy, butI see the opposite. Exercise helps a lot to deal with that. But I want to solve this issue radically.
1. What is causing me to feel exhausted after waking?
2. What is the solution of that?

Thu, May 30 8:47pm · Why do we take antidepressants? in Depression & Anxiety

Why did my physician and yours prescribe antidepressants for us rather than, say, suggesting a serotonin-food diet? I truly wonder why antidepressants are widely taken! Would not be a serotonin-food enough?

Thu, May 30 12:19pm · Massage to ease depression in Depression & Anxiety

I like having a massage. Actually it makes me feel good temporarily (I mean with depression). What I feel baffled by is not a typical massage therapy; rather, it is the so-called REFLEXOLOGY

I think this study is about the matter I mean. How is your experience, if any, with this massage type?

Wed, May 29 1:54pm · Massage to ease depression in Depression & Anxiety

1. What do you think of the the massage types which are claimed to ease or beat depression? Effective? I heard about a foot massage but do not know whether it is useful or not.