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Dec 31, 2018 · Ferrlecit Infusions for Ferritin Iron Deficiency in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I just read a few of the comments above so forgive me if I cover something that has already been stated. I take Ferritin iron infusions about
every two years due to Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia. In 2005, I had a Rou-En-Y Gastric Bypass allowing me to loose 185 lbs. As a result, of the
Gastric By-Pass, my stomach is unable to absorb enough iron to prevent anemia. I've tried foods rich in iron and iron supplements, but unable to
absorb a sufficient amount. It was commented that Ferritin Infusions were mainly for kidney diseases, but the wonderful world of medicine allows
one medicine to be used for something different for each individual. My Saturation level gets so low that it is a numerical indictor for my PCP to
order the infusions. Fifteen years after GABY (Gastric By-Pass) I am able to tell when my iron is deficient.