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May 3, 2019 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

I'm sorry for the delay as I wasn't feeling well the past several days. Thank you so much for your opinion and advice on the GI doctors at Mayo. I called them last week and got established and a doctor has requested my medical charts to be faxed over. I was happy that they started the process so quickly and hope to get set up with an appointment as soon as possible. Thank you again!

May 3, 2019 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

I am a 39 year old female that was diagnosed with Gastroparesis last year after a decade of "issues". It never bothered me before this past year but the symptoms have drastically worsened. I am seeing several GI Specialists in my area and one at the UW Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. They have had no real answers for me in regards to treatment, management, dietary, etc… I suffer from severe constipation with excessive flatulence (farting), bloating, pain and distention. Even Miralax and Milk of Magnesia daily hasn't helped. It has taken over my life. I am a very active outdoors woman and have little to NO energy now. I don't have the vomiting like most. Just the other symptoms of constipation listed above. I also developed some Hemmorrhoids which have been difficult to manage as well.

Since I haven't had much help or testing done this past year, I am looking to going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and was curious to here about others opinions and experiences with the specialists there and in general of how you're living with this disease and the complications and health issues that accompany it. It has greatly affected my mental health but go to therapy weekly.

Thank you anyone who might be able to offer advice or suggestions! Much love to all of you going through this or similar health issues.

Apr 17, 2019 · Chronic bowel problems, Magnesium and Side effects in Digestive Health

Hello and I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Magnesium. Can I ask what kind of Magnesium supplement you're taking? Some have more side effects than others in terms of GI issues. I was also told to take Magnesium in the OXIDE form for constipation. I have experimented this past year and have taken 400-2000 depending on my symptoms. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and related disorders since the onset. The magnesium never bothered me but wasn't predictable if it was going to help. I can't say it did much in terms of regular relief. I never had side effects and I have done a lot of research on Magnesium and it's different forms and from what I gather, it seems to be really safe and is actually recommended for anyone to take with little risk as far as I know. The only thing I found that I need to be careful of is how it can REDUCE the absorption of other medications or supplements you are taking. You want to take the Magnesium either 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking your other pills. I found this out doing my own research, I wasn't told by even my doctor and I"m on a lot of other meds and supplements so it's a good thing to know.

Dec 30, 2018 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

Hello @shimmerpixie and everyone in this group. I have had chronic constipation for over 10 years and also suffered from eating disorders for over 25 years and still struggle but am much better. I saw specialists and they told me all the wrong things to do like take more fiber. I told them it made things worse but this went on for 10 years until a couple months ago I had a gastric emptying study done and was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. The first thing I asked was if my eating disorder history was the cause and they said it's not related. Mine is idiopathic. This past week things have worsened a lot. I don't vomit but have some acid reflux. I get severely distended and bloated (accompanied by pain) and sometimes pass an insane amount of gas at night. The symptoms seem to increase throughout the day. I am just learning about all this and am being sent to UW Madison Hospital for further testing and counseling as to how I can still maintain recovery in my eating disorder and not eliminate foods that I normally eat which are all on the "NO" list. I can not take Erythromyacin because of an interaction with another medication and also the expense of it with prescription insurance was almost $200 a month which I can't afford long term They just started me on a trial of Trulance. I am thankful for all of your stories and hope that we can be a source of information and encouragement as we continue on this journey. Much love to all of you…