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Jun 23, 2019 · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

I have severe anxiety and panic. I have a hard time leaving the house. I have been on many different antidepressants but none seem to help. I have Xanax but rarely take it of fears of dependence. I take Buspar but it doesn’t help. I have Librium but can’t feel a difference. I take meds to help me sleep but still wake up 2-3 time a night! I wake up with anxiety so rest is hardly a reality. I would love someone who could help me

Mar 13, 2019 · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

I totally understand how you feel. I wake up with severe anxiety. It lasts all day with panic attacks too! I don’t get out! It is too hard to visit or just get out of my house! I want my life back!

Dec 30, 2018 · A new look at hope and a way of living life in Depression & Anxiety

Amen! I would love to be as strong as you

Dec 29, 2018 · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

I am 63 years old with depression, anxiety, panic and agoraphobia. I have had a difficult time finding a medicine or meds that help! This has been going on since 2007. The right combo of meds has not been found! I am miserable. It starts hard and fast as soon as I wake up as the day goes on it doesn’t let up until late afternoon and afternoon esp when my husband comes home! I have just changed therapists and go to see her after 1st of year. I pray we can find some relief for me! I can’t even drive myself places and appts. My husband takes me. I’d love to find a magic pill but know that is just not realistic! Thank you for this site where people can help each other. A blessing!