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Dec 29, 2018 · Chronic vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain in kids in About Kids & Teens

Hello all. It has been a long year and we are in search of answers. Our 23 month old son has been sick for almost a full year now. Here is what we have so far. He literally vomits 1 or multiple times a day for months. So far we have switched him off of Vitamin D milk and trying Almond Milk. Still vomiting. He has done a Upper GI swallow test and came back normal, 1 Hospital said he has asthma, Gastro doctor thinks it is GERD and put him on Omeprazol 2 times a day for 30 days. Still vomiting. Went to an ENT and he is thinking it is his adenoids and wants to remove them next month. We did an Allergy test for outdoor allergies. Told us he was to young for Allergy Food testing. His Gastro Doc did blood work but did not tell us for what but said all came back normal. Also Gastro Doc recommended the switch from Vitamin D milk to Almond milk. It seems no matter what he eats now within minutes or an hour he is vomiting it right back. His pediatrician keeps giving us Nausea pills and sending us on our way. Our son literally gets sick randomly day or middle of the night. Sometimes he can be sitting there and just vomit. So far we cannot get any Accurate answers from anyone. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. We go back to Gastro Doctor in about 3 weeks to try another plan of action. Thank you for your opinion in advance.