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Wed, Jul 1 3:37pm · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

ainsleigh: I too take Clonazepam for many years now – just o.5mg's , and only one at night before bed. If I'm feeling stress I might take two, but that is a very small dosage. I've never had any ill effects from it and my prescription allows me 3 a day. I dislike taking medication but I am 88 yrs, so stuff happens and I try to follow orders and take a small array of them right now. I always check with my doctor however to review what I'm taking at least once a year.

Mon, Jun 22 9:32am · How do you change the perception of aging? in Aging Well

Sue: Wow! they live 150 miles from one another and they are not tech savvy? Does the latter mean they can't email one another? I think your friend should try to get involved with events and activities closer to home. Where does your friend live? In my case I am in a big city and although all the things I like to do – going to the Frick Museum or the Metropolitan are not open to me now. The Frick offers two programs online that are wonderful but I am a member and receive their virtual programs online each Wednesday and Friday at 5 pm. It might be offered on You tube, but it sounds like your neighbor is not technical at all with Iphones or emails. Perhaps there is something else for her if she is in assisted living. I doubt if I can offer any ideas for her not knowing enough about her situation, health, education and abilities. We all have to do the best we can with what we are blessed with at this point in time.

Mon, Jun 22 7:58am · How do you change the perception of aging? in Aging Well

Dave: I wonder if you misunderstood my posting. At my current age I don't "date" – I am 89 yrs old. I was just making suggestions based on experience from my years prior. Developing interests and going out to things to meet people – there may be book reading clubs, organizations that are of interest, etc. At my time in life, I have a few friends and a good pal – a gentleman who lives on my apartment floor, and we (prior to the Pandemic) went to the ballet, concerts, movies, dinners, etc. He is 76 yrs old,I am 88. We are just good pals who enjoy the same things. By the way I live in New York City, in an apartment building. I only suggested that doing things that interest you help – sometimes you meet new people of interest and at least you are doing something you enjoy. At my age, unfortunately, a lot of my social life has dwindled as friends have passed away. I have been fortunate in my neighbor and he has enhanced my life at this age.

Sun, Jun 21 3:38pm · How do you change the perception of aging? in Aging Well

You say you are 65 yrs old? Wow, that's young to me (I'm 88), and at your age I was busy socially, dating, etc. Perhaps you are "buying" the ageing
issue that's so out there now. Firstly, don't give up – you could dye your hair – become a redhead if you have fair skin (like me). I did it when I was 40, went red. Gray hair can be beautiful if styled well. Try another hairdresser, if you go to one, or just seek one out if you don't. We all age and with that comes the physical changes in our faces and body. Focus on your interests or develop a new one and go out to people. Be accessible to other people – it's hard but can be worth the effort. In other words don't focus too much on the age issue, become more "interesting". Forget what's going on out there and develop an inner self that feels worthwhile and socially valid. Also, don't focus on what young girls are wearing, you can look classic but interesting with the right accessories and appropriate clothes. Don't imitate the kids, develop your own look.

Sun, Jun 21 12:04pm · How do you change the perception of aging? in Aging Well

I'll have to stand corrected re my mention of "politics," however I feel it fitted in with the ageism I see today, and was not really political in nature. Sorry if I went against the rules of the house.

Sun, Jun 21 9:43am · How do you change the perception of aging? in Aging Well

Your post is so full of wisdom and an intelligent understanding of life's meaning at best and at worst. As a bordering on 89 year old (October ), I am shocked at my years and have little of your comprehension of ageing – I simply hate it, and have difficulty combating the ravages of time. And I resent the
concept of "ageism" I see everywhere. In politics now we see the labeling placed on Vice President Biden who has been maligned and denigrated because of his age. It distresses me because as we should know, with age comes experience and that learning cannot be denied. After all, there was a reason Pres. Obama picked Biden – it was his experience in government and that knowledge carries the day at all times. Thank you for that beautiful post, I will try to digest it more carefully and heed some of the things that might apply to me in my journey forward. I always say I am at the deep end now, but I hope to put that aside more and take a day by day patience with my feelings.

Wed, Apr 8 10:07am · A New Kind of Grief in These Times in COVID-19

bob – Thanks for the encouragement. still miserable!

Wed, Apr 8 6:50am · A New Kind of Grief in These Times in COVID-19

I am beyond misery! I live in the epicenter of the virus – NYC, and it is now like living in a desert. I recently had some symptoms – no fever – but my doctor
suggested I go to the hospital and get tested. I should have stayed home! They did not test me and I spent the day being exposed – given blood tests;
x-rays, and finally released at the end of the day with the doctor telling me, " You are one of the more healthy 88 yr olds I've seen in a while". What a waste!
I am mad at my doctor and mad at everyone at this point. I don't feel great,but am gradually better. Have trouble eating – things don't taste good – except my cup of decaf in the am. There is almost no take out available now – you can get a pizza, but all good restaurants are closed. I spent yesterday yelling at everyone – no deliveries, no real help. Then a miracle! with my pile up of laundry amassing, I chanced a call to a place that does wash and fold. She was
open – I blessed her and they collected two bags of my laundry – due back today. I have a home aid due today and we will change my bedding, at last!
this is a slim picture of life in NYC now – I will never believe I'm iiving through this nightmare,but there it is. I know there are people going through much worse but I have a right to complain too. I feel for all. I cried when the laundry told me they were open – shows the level of depression I'm in. More cheerful
this morning however, will try not to bitch too much. ( By the way, they didn't quite know what I had – mentioned Corona light (a beer?) or some virus.)