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Sun, Jun 16 9:16pm · Erosive oral lichen planus in Autoimmune Diseases

sorry I sent to wrong one

Tue, May 14 1:43pm · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

So sorry, I hope by now you are much better. I have had hand tremor for several years off and on but my Dr. says that many older people have it, and they do get better if I get my rest /sleep and do not get excited are upset they get bad then. Have not had any for a few years, mine is not as bad as yours. I do know how you feel. I just came across this and it was posted DEC.2018.

Thu, Feb 7 4:30pm · When worries are real in Depression & Anxiety

@ pigletpmd ,I think you are right in doing this going to your psychiatrist and taking the medication as directed / also good friends to talk to.

Tue, Jan 15 11:27am · Familial hypercholesterolemia in Heart & Blood Health

@lookinup55 ask your Dr. If your medical team says nothing to worry about then stop worrying.