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Tue, Aug 20 2:52pm · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

We’re going to go to the appointment on Monday and see what happens. I find that trying to get drs attention over the phone in between patients isn’t the best. Hes much more attentive in person. We will certainly look into a second opinion if necessary. This doctor has been very patient and open to trying new things so we’ll see how the visit goes. Thank you so much for your response. You’ve been very helpful

Tue, Aug 20 1:43pm · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

It’s also frustrating that when I spoke to drs nurse, she said moms reaction to the higher Zoloft dose is NOT normal. I wanted to say “but I’m reading abt so many ppl having the same issues in online forums” but i figured I’d save that for the appointment. Thinking moms reaction was “normal” was sort of making me feel better. Now I’m not so sure.

Tue, Aug 20 11:09am · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Understood. We have an appt in 6 days. He never agrees to make med changes by phone. Dosage changes he’ll do. But before med changes, he wants to see her. Praying the Ativan helps until the next appointment. Praying you feel better soon too

Tue, Aug 20 7:45am · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

I hear you. Mom says she feels like a burden and we remind her she took care of all of us for so many years and now it’s our turn. We all just want her to be better and know it’s not something she can control. Sometimes tempers flare but we all get back on track pretty quickly. Praying

Mon, Aug 19 8:54pm · Anxiety and Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Are Zoloft and seraquil usually prescribed together? My moms on day 5 of 150 mg Zoloft and beyond miserable. Anxiety is through the roof. Internal tremors. She takes 15 mg remeron at night for sleep. She doesn’t want to add on more meds because then she won’t know which ones working or causing issues.

Mon, Aug 19 4:12pm · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

I guess I spoke too soon. She tried to drive to the store to distract herself and noticed the car was low on gas. She started crying and couldn’t stop. I distracted her a bit on the phone. She said she tried doing laundry or cleaning and just couldn’t focus enough to continue. She took her Ativan bc she just couldn’t stand the anxiety anymore. This has to end soon. Praying it’s all related to the increased dose of Zoloft.

Mon, Aug 19 3:03pm · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you for asking. I spoke with her an hour ago
and she said she’s not feeling the panicky anxiety yet. Yesterday she felt it al day. Today it hasn’t kicked in yet. But the test will be when 5pm rolls around. That’s usually her bad time. She got her Ativan refilled so she can take it if she feels really bad.

Fri, Aug 16 5:49pm · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

My mom is 65 and has battled depression for a long time. Zoloft worked well for a while until it didnt. Then she went through a whole host of medicines, including effexor and cymbalta and abilify and neurontin and others i cant remember. She developed really bad, Parkinson Esque tremmors. She went in patient at a hospital and was safely weened off of the various meds. Then she tried remeron and that made her zombie ish. Now she's back on Zoloft. Dr says sometimes if you take a break from zoloft and go back to it, it works well. She's on day 4 of 150mg and her mood has not changed one bit. She still has the crying fits and that internal shaking feeling off and on but not every day. I know it's early but i'm praying constantly that this does the trick. I'm worried about adding more meds to the zoloft regimen, or switching meds.