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Dec 14, 2018 · Body itching in Autoimmune Diseases

@basslakereview. I have Morgellons Disease too. I have rashes and lesions (deep holes in skin and very large, deep sores that are painful, but have an underlying itch that is worse than any other type.I have had. It itches even worse when the sores spontaneously spread and I find a huge amount of white, glittery specks and fibers surfacing from the skin. I have very active 'hair' aka fibers that tie themselves in knots and loops. I normally have very fine, straight hair, but not anymore. Horrible looking things come out of the lesions. This bizzare disease defies all logic and is not a delusion and leaves me with a very high anxiety level. I also end up with holes in my clothing that I must throw away; leaves me wondering if I might have a parasite, such as Nematodes or Horsehair Nematode. My doctor does not believe me even though she has seen My videos and pictures. I have no support system and think I would probably be better off dead. I can't deal with this anymore. Would like to connect With anyone else who has this.