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Mon, Mar 9 10:14pm · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Hello all! I am still having chest pains. The pain is in my chest more to the left side down my arm up my neck and now into my shoulder blades. Just had a heart cath and the doctor said he hopes his arteries are as clear as mine. This is getting very aggravating and painful. I go to see a neurologist and have an MRI in two weeks. I’ve been dealing with this for three years and it’s gradually worsened.

May 9, 2019 · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Hope all is doing well! I am still suffering from daily chest pain most everyday. It moves around some it hurts high in my chest mostly on the left side at my collarbone and sometimes it hurts on the right side into my shoulder and neck. The pain is constant. I have had at least ten EKGs an exercise stress test a nuclear stress test blood tests all come back normal. Sometimes it hurts into my shoulder blades. If I eat a big meal I feel like I’m going to pop and then oressure is bad until I vomit then I normally get some relief. I take a baby aspirin everyday even though my cardiologist said I didn’t need to. Lisinopril hydrochlorathiazide combo. My blood pressure is great most all of the time now. I wore a heart monitor for two weeks and they said I have PVCs that I can feel every time they happen. I have had hours of PVCs that happen every few seconds. They put me on metoprolol and that seemed to have slowed the PVCs. I can walk or exercise and it doesn’t change the chest pains any. My cardiologist said she was 100% sure it wasn’t my heart. I’m still not convinced. My hands go to sleep easily she said it wasn’t my heart causing that. I don’t know.

Apr 2, 2019 · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Anyone heard anything from Brandon? I would really like to know how he’s doing seeing how we have a lot of the same symptoms! Heart doctor said she was 100% sure it wasn’t my heart. I’m not so sure. Just read an article about the number one malpractice lawsuit and it’s misdiagnosed heart attacks! Didn’t help my feelings one bit. Lol trying to stay positive and deal with the pain most every day. Hope all of y’all are doing better.

Dec 13, 2018 · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Hey Brandon! Sounds a lot like me!!!!!! I’ve had chest pain for over a year and it is more frequent the last few months. I’ve had several EKGs stress test echocardiogram blood tests and all look good or so they say. Lol it’s drivng me crazy! My blood pressure was a lil high so they got me on lisinopril and that helped the BP but the pain is still here. It’s normally good in the mornings and usually starts hurting around midday. It hurts normally on the left side but the last week it’s been on my right side and middle. If it’s a heart attack I’m having the longest one in history! I would live to k ow if anyone got any answers. Thanks!