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3 days ago · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

Sounds like me. I am going a little stir crazy cooped up at home. Any business I have to take care of is extremely difficult. In Mn. Bank lobbies are closed-government buildings are closed so even if you now have all this free time it’s very difficult to get anything done. I had to chuckle when you mentioned your husbands co-workers admonishing for being at work. I work with outside vendors on a daily basis and they all pretty much know about my transplant. And when they started to quiz me as to why I was still working in a job that had such a high volume of foot traffic I started to consider a LOA. But it wasn’t until I got a text message from my daughter in all caps that I did the right thing. Hope to get back to work in the upcoming months and until then its me and the dogs and a very long honey-do list.

Tue, Mar 17 6:34pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

One advantage of the numbness is that my daily insulin shots can be administered pain free

Tue, Mar 17 6:28pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

Just got a call from Mayo in Rochester asking me if I wanted to push my mid April appts. out 6-8 weeks. They said they were calling everyone with upcoming appts. and offering them the option of rescheduling.

Sun, Mar 15 12:04pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

I am a post liver transplant and have my yearly visit to Rochester in a few weeks. You all know what the lab waiting room looks like at Charlton, plus all the other waiting areas in the other buildings you have appts. in. I was pretty well in control of my mindset until it was pointed out to me that people from all over the world visit that facility every day. Has anyone heard if Mayo is taking precautionary measures to mitigate the spread of this virus on campus?

Sat, Mar 14 11:36am · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

I might have missed it. But after 14” were removed from my colon due to diverticulosis I had to go back for several sessions where they would stretch out the colon with balloon treatments. Where the colon is stapled back together causes a narrowing of the colon hence the balloons to stretch it back out.

Sat, Mar 7 10:19am · How can I stay healthy at social gatherings during Flu season? in Transplants

I think you should go to the pot luck because I’ve found that this is the best part of attending the service. What I mean by that is every body is solemn and introspective before and during the service. After the service it seems that a great weight as been lifted off everyone’s shoulders and people want to converse and share and catch up with what is going on in your life. The only condition that I would stipulate is only take part if your comfortable with the situation you are putting yourself in.

Sat, Feb 8 8:17pm · How can I stay healthy at social gatherings during Flu season? in Transplants

I was not the only one with concerns. One of my relatives who was a nurse recommended a mask – specifically a N-95. When I arrived at the ceremony 2 of my expectant relatives were wearing the masks and offered me one also. I declined and took a different approach. I arrived with a supply of nitrile gloves and a small vial of hand sanitizer. They came off early in the day and I found that if I shoved my hands in my coat pockets everyone figured out what was going on. I only offended one person when the hands went in the pockets when he extended his hand. Someone quickly jumped in and explained the circumstances and all was good. I did however avoid the buffet style meal they had laid out on banquet tables. I loved seeing everybody and I’m glad I went but I rue the fact it was a funeral that brought everybody together.

Wed, Jan 29 8:47am · How can I stay healthy at social gatherings during Flu season? in Transplants

My liver transplant was 4 years ago this coming April. With flu season here I was wondering how to go about handling a large emotional family funeral with a weakened immune system. Handshakes, hugs, kisses – it all makes me a little paranoid. How do I attend without appearing aloof and non-caring?