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Sun, Nov 10 5:43pm · What are the financial challenges after transplant with medicare? in Transplants

Willie-If it’s smooth sailing after the transplant you have to come up with lodging for 4-5 weeks in close proximity to your transplant center. This of course would include meals and transportation and all other incidentals. After you get home there’s are only 3 basic expenses. Meds – labs once a month – and yearly visits to your transplant center. I just recently went to labs every 3 months after my 3rd anniversary. And as every one has echoed expenses vary greatly depending on insurance coverage. So here is hoping everything goes smoothly for you.

Fri, Aug 16 5:35pm · Post liver transplant fatigue in Transplants

I am 40 months post liver transplant. Prior to my transplant my only symptoms were muscle cramping and fatigue. Post surgery I no longer have issues with cramping but I am still dealing with fatigue. I googled for information and was surprised that this a common occurrence after the transplant. Some of the literature speculated that an exercise program might help. Any opinions or experiences to share would be appreciated.

Wed, Aug 7 5:29pm · Suggestions for a stay at Mayo Rochester in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Don’t forget to venture out to attend Thursday’s on First

Tue, Jul 2 10:35am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Drank it. I can only assume that it was the sodium that helped alleviate the intense counter grabbing pain. My family doctor told me that I was not drinking enough water. It was at Rochester during transplant orientation that I finally learned that muscle cramping was one of the symptoms of liver failure along with fatigue. Both of which I was experiencing at the time but could not pinpoint a cause when dealing with the family practitioner.

Mon, Jul 1 7:23pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

This may sound a little off the wall but I used to relieve my cramps with pickle juice before my transplant. Now 3 years after my transplant I’ll cramp up if I don’t drink enough water over the course of the day so I keep kiwi fruit to eat instead of the bananas.

Tue, Jun 25 10:49pm · Packing question: What did you have ready for "the call"? in Transplants

Bring a comfortable pair of slippers with rubber soles and a pair of walking shoes. The sooner you get up and about the better. Sweats, zippered hoodies, baggy pajama pants. I got the call at 11 pm and left the house with very little. You’ll be in the hospital for 4 or 5 days and the only thing that I forgot is all my passwords for all my online accounts. Make arrangements in advance for someone to care for your plants and yard. And don’t forget about your pets. The one thing that I did need and did not have was pill boxes once I was released. There are apps on your phone like Medisafe where you can list all your meds, pill shape, size and color, dosages and times per day. The biggest thing for me was not what I brought along but who would take care of things while I was gone. You are going to forget things as you rush out the door but for the time you are on the 10th floor at Methodist in Rochester they will take great care of you.

Sun, May 19 4:15pm · Lodging transplant patients in Transplants

I was in Rochester for 5 weeks after my transplant and stayed down by Soldier Field at Centerstone Plaza. Efficiency apts. so you can cut down on your meal costs. Twigs restaurant is part of the complex and you are only blocks from a great food coop where you can get takeout or buy groceries. Free transportation from there to anywhere in town. And it’s close enough to the clinic you can walk if you want.

Wed, May 1 5:28pm · Post Transplant Symptoms in Transplants

I had extreme fatigue after my transplant. It turned out that I had come down with CMV – which I can only describe as mononucleosis on steroids. Once you contract this disease it stays in your system. One of the downsides in having a suppressed immune system.