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4 days ago · Nutrition in cancer in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Healthy Diet is beyond my reach. With extreme dry mouth & no saliva, and taste buds shot as well, I have difficulty eating most foods. Rare hamburger works. Eggs work. No chicken or Pork. Some fish OK. Sashimi is great but hard to find good Sashimi here in Florida. Allergic to nuts. Most fruit too tough to swallow.& tasteless. Carbs go down smoothly. Bread is out but soft cakes work. Ensure Max is my friend. I am 2/12 years post Chemo & Radiation for Throat Cancer.

Thu, Sep 19 6:41pm · Nutrition and Cancer: Getting protein in my diet in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Thank you. I will def try your suggestions. I am now able to drink Ensure Max..very surprised that I can..

Sun, Jun 30 6:11am · Meet others living with Head & Neck Cancer - Come introduce yourself in Head & Neck Cancer

So sorry to read this…good luck going forward with treatment..I believe in the power of prayer, and I am praying for you.

Fri, Apr 26 6:14am · Nutrition and Cancer: Getting protein in my diet in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

I finally got the Ensure Max 30, and like you said, it isn't bad tasting..and does have a lot o protein. Thanks for the tip.

Tue, Mar 12 5:42pm · Water in the ear? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Thank you Jamie. I don't see my PCP till July, and my Oncologist in June. Will go ahead and use the Flonase.

Mon, Mar 11 7:45am · Water in the ear? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I feel like I have water in my ear. had the same symptoms about a year ago..went through all the exams, all negative..couldn't figure out what was causing the 'sensation'. Dr suggested Using Flonase, and it cleared it up. Now I have the same on the other ear. Should I be concerned? I am 2 years post treatment (35 rads, 7 cisplatin) for throat cancer. At 2 year check in January was NED.

Mon, Mar 11 7:40am · Scar tissue in throat caused by radiation and chemo treatment in Head & Neck Cancer

I was put on Dexamethasone/Nystatin solution..swish 3x daily, spit out. Seems to have helped..although I still get thrush occasionally