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Dec 15, 2018 · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

Hi everyone. Have you ever thought as a child you were bullied? I felt that I was bullied for quite some time back in elementary and middle school due to my speech and language issues. Even today, when I participate in my college classes discussions, I feel like my brain’s thinking is delayed when talking aloud to the class.

Dec 9, 2018 · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

Hello! I am a young adult. While I do have an ASD that is not Aspergers, I do question the origin of my ASD. When I was three years old, they did this test called the DPII and reported that my Social domain was an area of strength like engaging in eye contact with my mother, playing Pat-a-Cake, waving bye, and responding to my name when my mother calls me. But when I was one year old, I was delayed by 50% in Motor, Language, and Cognition Domains. Social and Communication domains was delayed only 25%. When I was eight years old, I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 11 years old. My school district had me on an IEP but kept changing diagnosis from Mental retardation to Speech and Language Impairment to Specific Learning Disability and back to Speech and Language Impairment. I did suddenly changed schools in 3rd grade at 8 years, where I was unable to make any friends. I grew more depressed and isolated because of lack of friends and socialization on top of being placed into a Resource Room for my education 75% of the day. I don't know if my diagnoses that was changed to Autism caused by the environmental factors like moving into a new school or my premature birth at less than 500 grams. These days when I'm in my community college, I feel quite like an outsider. I feel like everyone in the class can socialize in a way that I felt have not "acquired" everyone else's style of communicating. I always get the thought in my head "Why on earth when others communicate I feel completely out of place?." Do you think the same way?

Dec 9, 2018 · Memory problems in Brain & Nervous System

I am a young adult who has been suffering from some memory problems lately. I did have an MRI and EEG done. The EEG reported normal results. The MRI was normal except "with a few small foci of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity in the deep and subcortical white matter" that could not be explained. My neurologist couldn't point out what was wrong. Lately doing college school work has been bearable, but frustrating as I'm watching lecture videos with subtitles and have trouble writing what was said since I could only remember a couple of phrases in a sentence causing me to rewind and listen again. I was born a premie at less than 500 grams. Do you know anyone who has gone something similar?