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Thu, Jan 23 12:21pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

I’m using eye serum which is drawn and made at mayo Pharm in Scottsdale it is helping better than any over the counter drops.

Feb 2, 2019 · Brain Fog Detective in Cancer Education Center

I walk a mile every morning. I started in Oct 2016 ( that is 830 days straight) After completing Pain Rehab Care offered to me at Mayo for my chronic pain, where they emphasized exercising!
My great grandson taught me to set out my morning walking cloths on the chair in the bathroom, this way ….no excuses !
I walk in rain or shine! I forgive and pray for my family and friends! I feel it has helped me to start off m long day with some accomplishment!
I never thought I could make a commitment like this for myself! It’s very rewarding physicallly, mentally and emotionally,!