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Sun, Mar 10 4:01pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Have you tried CBD to relieve anxiety. You have a sad story. Hot baths and massage therapy relieve fibermyalgia.

Wed, Mar 6 5:47pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

I experimented with strengthening my brain and nerve chemistry with omega3, B vitamins, vitC. Also blueberries at breakfast in cereal. Also, tapping. Some are finding relief with cbd's. We just have to keep working the problem until we find what helps us. I appreciate how debilitating they can be. Less sugar.

Tue, Mar 5 9:52am · Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium in Heart & Blood Health

Get a bread maker and experiment with making your own bread without salt.

Tue, Feb 26 10:21am · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Been watching the world summit on eft (tapping). Anxiety is one of the issues they work with. It's tapping meridian points to move stressful memories out of the brain. Google it and learn another approach.

Mon, Feb 25 7:58pm · Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium in Heart & Blood Health

Hi, yes I am aware of food choices and sodium. I rarely use processed foods, except for salad dressings. I check the label and management the amount. I mostly buy fresh fruits and vegs, bison meat, and make my own bread without sodium. This helps alot. Once in awhile I eat something that is off this regiment, like yesterday, when we celebrated Scott's birthday with Costco pizza. Not recommended for more than once a year. Also, raw organic celery daily helps eliminate extra water retention. Food is one of the best medicines.

Sat, Feb 23 9:06am · Art for Healing in Just Want to Talk

Gotta wonder.

Tue, Feb 12 1:34pm · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I have found yoga stretches, outdoor exercise, omega3/Bvitamins/vitC, soothing music, humor and a spiritual practice to help me. Taking charge of our ailments is important in my opinion. And just the appreciation that human life is riddled with craziness which we have no control, except to limit our access to the craziness. Uncle Henry sociopath, avoid him. Cousin Paul a drunk, avoid him. Neighbor a control freak, be polite and minimize contact. Choose what is best for your overall well being.