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Mon, Jan 28 2:37pm · C diff in Digestive Health

I drink a lot and am not dehydrated I just can’t tolerate aloof of foods. I work in healthcare and talk to the dieticians a lot and they seem to think it’s a fiber issue

Sun, Jan 27 3:36pm · C diff in Digestive Health

Just a couple days. I know it’s coming back I feel under the weather and going to the bathroom a lot. Everything I eat upsets my stomach. Not sleeping well. It’s a battle. Thanks for asking. How are you doing ?

Sat, Jan 26 5:22pm · C diff in Digestive Health

Felt ok for a bit but getting a bit nervous my stomach has been spasming a lot But thank you and god bless

Sat, Jan 26 11:46am · C diff in Digestive Health

Sorry to hear that. My stomach is so sensitive. I don’t like being sick. I am always nervous when j eat anything.

Tue, Jan 22 2:56pm · C diff in Digestive Health

Thanks for the info. I am going to share

Tue, Jan 22 5:45am · C diff in Digestive Health

I have had 3 episodes and finishing Vanco. I take Florastor twice daily and I too am lactose intolerant. I have days when I can eat some foods but if I eat something wrong I know the next day. I feel that my colon can not absorb my food so I empty out the next day. I then have hunger issues and the cycle of disappointment repeats itself. I am glad there are those of you that are fortunate enough to beat this. I hope I will be one soon to the person who has just be diagnosed do the Florastor if you are able and be your own advocate and get the dificid if you can. I have read many of these posts and it seems that is the best treatment. I know it’s expensive but I would pay every dime I have to be healthy again. When I am better I will be addressing the clindamycin issue by writing a detailed letter to the FDA This should not happen to anyone else .. prayers to all fighting this battle🙏🏻

Tue, Jan 22 4:45am · C diff in Digestive Health

I will thank you

Mon, Jan 21 5:44pm · C diff in Digestive Health

I still have days I just feel awful. I just want my life back. Can’t gain weight. Just don’t want another relapse but the doctor says if I don’t have active cdiff he can prescribe dificid. I am just so upset to think I have to get sick to get what will help.