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6 days ago · Does the CPAP Mask cause puffiness and dark circles under your eyes? in Sleep Health

Hello John,

I found the same post last night when I decided to research this. I did try to loosen my mask last night but did not get a good night's sleep. I kept waking up and adjusting it. The Air Vent on my mask does not direct the air to my eyes…I might have blocked ducts…only an opthamologist could probably advise. I just am surprised at how I look, being that I am getting 7 to 8 hours of great sleep per night. I don't look refreshed…but I feel fine.

I came across quite a bit of posts about the same problem with other CPAP users but wanted to try MayoConnect and all my CPAP friends who always have such great advice.

Thank You…CeCe55

6 days ago · Does the CPAP Mask cause puffiness and dark circles under your eyes? in Sleep Health

Thank you for responding so quickly! I do drink quite a bit of water before bed. I have never tied the two together. There are some pills that I have to take with a full glass of water and most of the time I drink Sleepy Time Tea before bed. I will try to reduce the water and see what happens.

As for the heated tube, I have always used it and the humidifier but I raised the number during the winter. In north Florida it can still get cold…it is not cold anymore! It is 92 right now! 🙂 I will bring the heat and humidifier all the way down and limit water and see what happens.

I am curious as to what John Bishop will say. He really helped me in my early months of tolerating the CPAP.

I don't like these raccoon eyes….but again…there are more important things to worry about.

Thanks again…CeCe55

6 days ago · Does the CPAP Mask cause puffiness and dark circles under your eyes? in Sleep Health

Hello all my fellow CPAP users! I haven't posted anything in quite a while. I started using my CPAP in January of 2019 and you were such a help to me. I had 27 events an hour and am now down to 2.5. It has been a successful year and I am grateful to everyone that has helped me.

I have a question. I use a Resmed Swift FX for her nasal mask. It is very light and comfortable. I use the humidifier and a heated tube. I have noticed in the last 4 to 5 months that I am waking up with puffiness under my eyes and dark circles. I have a family hereditary factor of this and have always had a problem but not like this. I also don't know if it is just age….I asked my sleep doctor and he said if the mask was not pressing on my eye area, which it is not…then the mask is not the problem. The venting is not pouring air into my eye areas either.

Has anyone experienced this problem? I lowered the humidity and heat in my machine last night since it is no longer cold in Florida, hoping that would help. I would appreciate feedback.

I do apologize for such a vain problem when we have more serious worries in our world right now.

Thanks everyone… CeCe55

6 days ago · Questions about Eliquis in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Catmom…I have been on Eliquis 5 MG twice daily for 2 1/2 months. I had a headache for the first week but it went away. I have not had any symptoms except hip, lower back and now knee aches and pains. It has been hard to tell if this is a symptom or not because I have had existing problems with my hip and lower back for years. The difference is I cannot take Advil to buffer the pain. The knees are new as of this week. I use ice, physical therapy, and Tylenol to deal with it. The knees have made me wonder if this is really a side effect because I have not had this problem before.

I went and talked to my Pharmacist whom I have used for the last ten years and trust explicitly. Pharmacists know more than docs when it comes to drugs. He spent quite a bit of time looking up the joint pain and told me it is a 1 to 10% chance of side effect. He said that if my joints were not red or swollen, it was something I might have to get used to because the only other drug that is as effective is Zorelto and he said Eliquis was better. It's frustrating, because for all I know, I might switch and then have different or more side effects. He did say that just like my headache, my body might get used to the drug and the pain might go away. I am praying… This did not happen until way into the second month. He said sometimes it takes a while to get side effects because the level of the Eliquis is not high enough in your blood stream or body until a certain point.

I wish I didn't have to take this or any blood thinner but I don't want a stroke and want to enjoy my life and grandchildren…so I still exercise and go to yoga,
eat correctly and drink plenty of water and try to just live my life.

Blessings to you and I hope your side effects pass and you feel better.


Dec 16, 2019 · AFib - Question about blood thinners in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello Group,

I have AFib and am presently on Metoporal and 5MG Eliquis twice a day. Per my doctor and my pharmacist, I understand that I cannot take Advil or like medicines. What is left to take when you are in pain and have inflammation? Tylenol works very minimally for me and does not work at all on inflammation problems. Any advice?

Thank You…CeCe55

Oct 7, 2019 · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

Hi….it has been quite a while since I posted on here. I can't believe it will be a year in January since I started wearing my CPAP

It is true that everyone is different when it comes to a new user getting used to the CPAP. For me, it was a second mask which the Respiratory Therapist recommended. The first one I chose just looked nice and I had no idea that you don't choose a mask on how it looks! 🙂 It was the dreamwear mask with the air flow coming out of the top. I hated it and would rip it off at night and throw it against
the wall! Then the therapist, knowing that I was claustrophobic, suggested the Resmed Swift FX For Her. It is the lightest weight mask and does not leak! It took me approximately two months to become adjusted. I will say that about once a month, I will have a night when I am uncomfortable for about an hour. I don't know why…my mask just feels wrong and then I fall asleep. When I talk to other people, they know just what I am talking about.

I can give you some advice on the hospital room feeling. As a liscensed Interior Designer, here is how I handled my bedroom and the feeling of so much equipment on the nightstand. I also have a heart machine which I am blue-toothed to at night that downloads my EKG to the cardiologist's office in the middle of the night. I have a hear link monitor under my skin for afib. The answer is …get larger
nightstands! If you have the room, a larger nightstand won't call as much attention to the paraphernalia on the surface. Hope this idea helps.

Blessings and hello to all my fellow CPAP users! CeCe55

May 24, 2019 · Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank You for responding to me. When I was diagnosed with AFib I gave up all the stimulants I could think of. I don't drink, don't eat chocolate or sugar, try my best to stay away from processed foods, drink plenty of water and only drink caffeine free tea and coffee.
I go to yoga three times a week to control my anxiety, and go to the gym the other four. I can't cycle which I was used to doing because I am on Eliquis. I just can't imagine what is causing this sudden problem of constant PVC. I do have days or hours of no problem at all. I am not dizzy, fatigued, short of breath etc… It is very frustrating and scary. I try to tell myself, "this too shall pass".

May 24, 2019 · Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello everyone. I need some advice and support which I always get from everyone here. I am not new. I have diagnosed Sleep Apnea and it is under control with my CPAP. I have AFib diagnosed last October and is under control with Metoporal and Eliquis. I have only had two episodes.

I wear a Heart Link Monitor under my skin so my doctor can see my EKG. I have been diagnosed with Atrial Tacacardia that happens very irregularly and only lasts for seconds. He is not concerned. My Heart Link Monitor is not working properly so I am being sent another one so I can transmit what is happening to me now.

In the last two weeks I have had extra heartbeats off and on. I am used to these and have had them all my life but sporadically and sometimes none for weeks at a time. I recently went thru a very stressful episode with my husband receiving a pacemaker. The simple operation had problems and he ended up in ICU for several days. All is well now but it sent me into a tail spin because of how serious it was.

I have never had hours and hours of extra heartbeats. Some days I don't get them at all. I found that if I deep breathe, I can get them to go away. I feel the extra beat in my throat and it makes me very nervous. Can anyone reply? Is this stress related?

Thank you, CECE 55