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Sep 19, 2019 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

I feel your pain. I hurt everyday. Can’t enjoy any good foods. I know some of these Drs think it’s just a part of aging. I’m 72 but I’m still a person. I had Cdiff this year & 4 relapses so in afraid of lots of things. I have a great GI & he probably saved my life with an FMT transplant. I’m either pooping too much or not pooping. It gets old. He said use miralax & I do when I have not pooped in a couple of days but it takes 3 days for it to work then I go 3 or 4 times a day for a few days. I don’t know what to do.

Sep 19, 2019 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

@ onaquest. I posted a long reply to you yesterday. I see lots of posts about redundant torturous colon, but don’t see mine. Maybe I did it wrong. I just did a regular reply & didn’t use an @. I need to be in in the conversation badly. I even saw there was. FB Page. I have this & was diagnosed a year & a half ago during a difficult colonoscopy. I had a horrible episode of ischemic colitis. I got better from that, but not normal. Then I had a horrible life threatening case of Cdiff from antibiotics ( clindamycin), given for a sinus infection. I almost didn’t take them because I have a medical background & knew it was possible, but they insisted that I needed surgery & that might help me avoid it. Well, all it did was almost kill me. I had 4 relapses before an FMT saved me. I’m 6 month out from that, but between that & my long colon I’m always having trouble. I’ll have costiipation & then take miralax recommended by my GI & I take fibercon. When the miralax kicks in I’ll go too much. Almost all foods hurt me. I eat soft. I also have diverticulosis. I don’t know if I can do the same as all of you do because of the Cdiff & my transplant (FMT). I would like to be able to talk about it & know if anyone see my posts. It seems like when post in here no one sees it , or my posts are sent to another group that I can’t find. I’m miserable.

Sep 18, 2019 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

I was diagnosed with Torturous redundant colon during a difficult scope after a very painful episode. This scope was done after I passed out from pain & then diarrhea & vomiting. I thought it was a virus because I felt some better the next morning. Then I had lots of blood during my BM so I went immediately to the Dr.. I was sent for CT scan where I was diagnosed with is ischemic colitis. I had some diverticulosis & a polyp removed. My GI told me it was a difficult scope due to to much colon. He didn’t recommend surgery. I then got Cdiff 8 months later after being given an antibiotic, clindamycin for a sinus infection. I’m always afraid I’ll need another scope & it will be bad.

Sep 6, 2019 · Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) in Digestive Health

@wendyw. I had an FMT on February 28th. Mine was for recurring Cdiff. It definitely helped me. I’m not totally ok because I’m still having colon issues, but I’m in remission from that deadly Cdiff. I think the FMT saved my life. I certainly hope & pray it helps your Son.. My husband has kidney stones too & now he has one that’s too big for lithotripsy. He’s had laser by cystoscope & a lithotripsy all in the last month. Now he's facing major surgery to remove it. I’m so worried that he will get Cdiff from all the antibiotics they have given him & more to come I’m sure. I’m a believer in the FMT.

Sep 6, 2019 · C. diff relapse? in Digestive Health

@patts. I’ve had 4 relapses & then an FMT on February 28th. I’m finally in remission, but my tummy still isn’t right. Lots of foods still hurt me. I either have not enough stool or too much, but not diarrhea. I’m thankful to be alive though. I pray that you are ok. I had a wonderful GI that would see me anytime I called. Good luck,,,PRAYERS.

Jun 17, 2019 · Ulcers on gums after Cdiff in Digestive Health

Thank you so much for responding. I’ll definitely try this.

Jun 13, 2019 · Ulcers on gums after Cdiff in Digestive Health

I had a horrible experience with Cdiff starting last October. I had 4 relapses with meds & had A FMT on February 28th. I’m in remission I think now. My tummy is still not right, but probably never will be. Last week I got some ulcers on my upper gums. They aren’t sore & don’t bleed when I brush. I have porcelain veneers on my six front teeth. I’ve had them almost 4 years & no problem at all. I went to the dentist & he said it was infection. He deadened them & went up under my gums & tried to clean up the infection. He said my teeth were very clean. I use a water pic. I was told that stomach issues could cause this. Generally he would have given antibiotics but since I’m just recovering from Cdiff we opted not to. They look better, but I’m nervous about all this due to possibly as infection that could come back or get worse. Has anyone of you that have had Cdiff had mouth ulcers .?

May 24, 2019 · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

I sure hope the spores aren’t in my diverticulosis pockets. I an sometimes constipated. I’m worried that the stool will get in the pockets.