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Mon, Apr 1 5:14pm · Trying to recover from a c.diff infection in Digestive Health

I posted this morning about my experience with Cdiff. It was under acres. It’s disappeared. This has happened before. It was informative & I know I like to read others experiences. I hope a moderator will tell me where my posts are going.

Mon, Apr 1 7:43am · Trying to recover from a c.diff infection in Digestive Health

I am having the same problem getting my gut somewhat normal after Cdiff. I relapsed 4 times after treatment. Mine was also caused by clindamycin given to me for a severe sinus infection. I took Flagyl first & got better for a few days. I was sent to a GI who put me on vancomycin. I thought I was better because I went 10 days seeming ok for 10 days after finishing 10 days of that. I was very sick that time & had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. I couldn’t even stand. I got diarrhea at night on the Saturday before Christmas & had the diarrhea at least 40 times & couldn’t even get back to bed. My my husband called my son who came to try & help him get me to the ER. I was passing out & couldn’t stand so they couldn’t get me there safely. We called the Dr on call for my GI & he said call an ambulance immediately. As soon & they for here they started an IV & left immediately. My BP was very low but started up when the fluids started. The Er gave me Dificid. I did well with that & again I thought I was going to be ok. I went 32 days then another relapse. Out of other options I had an FMT. I had mine via endoscopy down through my stomach into my small intestine. My GI said if I relapse again he’ll do another one via colonoscopy. I’m 32 days post FMT. & my stools still aren’t normal. I either get constipated & have to take miralax for a couple of days, then I’ll have several BM’s a day. Not diarrhea, but soft small thin pieces. When I eat anything except soft foods I have problems. I’m about to start Florastor. I’ve been drinking Kefir & eating yogurt everyday. I’m just praying I don’t relapse again. My GI is going to test an another month unless I get sick again. Everyone I talk to that has had Cdiff says it destroys your gut very badly & it takes a long time to get to a normal. Some say a year or more. I’m depressed over this because I weigh 85 pounds after loosing 20 pounds. I am desperate to gain some weight. This is such a bad thing. I wish they could come up with something to help all of us. Also my I say I’m 71 & have heart issues also. I hope you can get help, but maybe you are going to have to be patient like they want me to & that’s so hard. I’m praying for you & all of us.

Sat, Mar 30 7:06pm · Drinking Kefir with Acid Reflux? in Digestive Health

Mine isn’t fizzy at all it tastes like a thin yogurt. Sometimes I mix it in with my yogurt as a shake with my breakfast. I hope I’m hoping it helps me because I’ve been very sick since October on & off with 4 relapses of Cdiff. I just had an FMT transplant. I really need the probiotics & I get some that way.

Sat, Mar 30 11:28am · Drinking Kefir with Acid Reflux? in Digestive Health

I drink Kefir because I need the probiotics. I am trying to recover from Cdiff so I have to a probiotic. I’m lactose intolerant too & I drink lifeway. They have different have several that are lactose free.

Thu, Mar 21 7:44am · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@ngnorman25. I had 4 relapses of cidiff starting in October after clindamycin for a sinus infection. I got sick a few days after finishing. My pcp gave me Flagyl. I got better in a few days, but relapsed after a week. He gave me another round & that time. Then he sent me to my GI. I should have gone there to begin with, but actually I wasn’t sure that was it at first. I was given vancomycin at that time. I got better again & then 10 days after finishing vancomycin I had a bad relapse & had to be taken by ambulance to the ER. I was given IV fluids in the ambulance & then more at the hospital. I was positive for Cdiff again. I was given Deficid this time & went 32 days. I was so excited because I thought after all this time I was going to be ok. I had lost 20 pounds & that put me at a dangerous 85 pounds. My GI gave me 10 days of vancomycin to get me to a point to have an FMT. In the meantime he did a sigmoidoscopy & did 5 biopsies & they were all positive. Then I was told to get off the vancomycin 2 days before the FMT. He did mine through an endoscopy past my stomach into the small intestine. I have an extra long colon & he had a hard time during my last colonoscopy so he wanted to try the endoscopy way. He said it would go all the way through my intestine that way too. I’m 3 weeks out so we don’t know if it worked yet. He’s going to test 8 weeks out unless I get sick before then. I’m better, but I still have trouble with foods. I think I’m afraid to venture out. I don’t want to mess up this FMT because I’ll have to have another one, this time via colonoscopy. My gut is definitely messed up at the moment. I get bloated easily & have stools at different times. Sometimes it’s just a little & then a little more. Lots of times I feel pressure like I need to go & it’s a tiny amount of loose stool. I’m taking a probiotic & drinking Kefir & eating yogurt. I’m definitely not right yet & wonder if I ever will be.

Sat, Mar 16 9:01am · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

I had the FMT after being very ill for 4 months. I failed Flagyl, vancomycin & Dificid. It’s been 2 weeks. I had mine through an endoscopy that my dr went past the stomach into the small intestine so that it would be past the stomach acid. I’m still not far enough out to know if it has worked. I sure hope it does. I’m down to 85 pounds & need to get well. I had to try it. I was out of options.

Thu, Mar 14 6:40am · Constipation after FMT in Digestive Health

I have or I hope had cidiff for 4 months. I was treated everytime. Failed even Dificid. 2 weeks ago I had an FMT. The next day I had some diarrhea that my Dr said was normal. The next day a small amount. I went 4 days with nothing at all. I called my GI & they said take fibercon. I did & still nothing. I called back & they added miralax. Finally after 2 days I had a small amount about the size o a little finger. I will feel like I’m going to & just gas & maybe a tiny amount. It’s been 2 weeks today since my FMT. It’s been 10 days since a complete BM. I’m calling my Dr this morning, but would like to have any suggestions or could I be in trouble. I’m very upset about it. I don’t want a prep like clean out because it could wash out my new FMT stool.

Sun, Mar 10 1:41pm · Baths or showers with Cdiff. in Digestive Health

Thank you fior answering. I so appreciate any input. I clean myself good before I get in. My Drs nurse practitioner said a warm bath would ease stomach cramps so I took it that she approved. I use flushable wet wipes every time I use the bathroom even just urine. I just wanted an opinion. Thank you again.