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Tue, Feb 26 12:58pm · One distraction from feeling miserable in Depression & Anxiety

@parus Just wanted to say thanks for all the help on my messages I will not be on this group for a couple of weeks Love all of you

Fri, Feb 22 2:59am · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

@crisdawn This was one of the best replies of PTSD I ever read. Wow I just starting learning about this. I was diagnosed with PTSD about 4 years ago. I will be so happy when I can finally let go and Let God I felt like I had walked in Jobs shoes in the Bible. I am gonna go back to Yoga and try again. Thanks so much for your love and sharing of your knowledge in getting better God Bless ya Cat

Sat, Feb 16 3:47pm · Protracted Benzo withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

@merry and all of us A lot of people have no idea how God is real and can change your life. This is not a LIe. There are a lot of people that will never have the Holy Spirit dwell within them. This is a fact. I believe God protected me as a child and without his love and understanding – I would have never been blessed or even able to help others. Read the Picture under- Footprints in the Sand-We all carry one another till we die. Why is it so hard for others to try and receive this Blessing. no matter the reason -I will always pray for everyone on these sights I pray for myself Now that is a big change for ME. Let Go and Let God This is a strong statement. We carry each other all the time. We get to points in our life -Where we get carried and it is ok Education is the key to growth.

Sat, Feb 16 3:31pm · depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@lioness Hello I just wanted to say This is the most wonderful thing to do to release feelings- I have music on my computer I have oceans and mountains on my computer. I put all my large plants around me in the winter. I feel like I am in Florida. haha

Sat, Feb 16 3:10pm · Just started Xanax...anyone have experiences to share? in Depression & Anxiety

————–I took it for 1 year maybe. some of my relatives started stealing it. I got off of it. I believe Cymbalta has changed me when I went from 60 to 30mgs in October 2018. I have suffered so much mental anguish in my life. If I could get off of the 30mgs maybe it would help me get out of the house and even drive. Update I have been doing Cymbalta only 4x last week. My pain is overwhelming but I hope my sanity and motivation to live comes back. I was out of the house for ten hours yesterday!!!!!!! It was wonderful. My Dad ate valium for 50 years. He died of Dementia last year. Some readings say valium causes this illness. My Dad was a very mean narcissistic man. I know I will have to take something for pain in the future. This was why I started taking Cymbalta. I was depressed over not being able to stop the pain in my body. I would like to pack up and move on from the Life that I have now. To me this is Growth. I will be leaving behind a lot of people that I loved. I will never stop loving them but moving on with a new me for the first time.

Mon, Feb 11 7:24pm · Tapering off clonazepam (Klonopin, Rivotril) in Depression & Anxiety

@num1boxer1919 So uplifting ! and Awesome! God Bless you Cat

Mon, Feb 11 7:17pm · Measles Virus as a Cancer Fighter in Hematology

@margem Bless you for being there. You are a strong soul. YOur friend is a strong soul. My prayers will be with you as you hold her hand and she goes to heaven. Let God take over. My mom survived Cancer 35 years ago when God was all I had. God Bless Cat

Mon, Feb 11 3:59am · Morning Anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@lioness Thank you so much Cat