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Sat, Jun 27 4:58pm · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

summertime4 Hello I was in your shoes and I had to up my dose of Prozac to get rid of the Depression and suicidal thoughts. I went to 60. No more thoughts. I am also making myself –pray everyday Sit in Sun 10 minutes take my meds faithfully. I lost 7 lbs. Need to lose 40 more to get where I was fit. I also asked for a separation from having a boyfriend that emotionally abused me. I am also learning about co-dependency. It is changing my whole LIFE too. God Bless you. I still have PTSD and ADHD -working as always on that.

Mon, Jun 22 3:11pm · How to have relationships while living with depression? in Depression & Anxiety

Hello lilypaws, I had blood transfusions while pregnant. I seemed to feel so much better. Depression I will fight always. I am glad you have a great husband.9 fight depression0 I have thalassemia. inherited it too

Mon, Jun 22 3:04pm · What does it take to moving from low self-esteem - to self acceptance in Depression & Anxiety

Grammad Hello Amen to this. Sometimes I get scared that my boyfriend might hurt me cause I asked him to separate. He seems ok with it but my PTSD comes out. I start hiding things that I do not want to be broken when he leaves. I get all these scary feelings for no reason. I learned about COdependency. I am in some good groups. By the way, I have protection all over my home too. I guess my PTSD from the past is coming out. People know not to mess with me too much.

Thu, Jun 11 12:57pm · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

To Ginger: As in the past I struggled with thoughts of Suicide for two years,I have learned so much about my life and why I stayed so long with the narc and drug addicts. I have lost a lot for sure. This little paragraph made me cry tears of joy. Education and parenting are key things as our children grow. It is a good thing that God is always there and I left this with my children. So I know they are never alone, even if I am not there for a time.Ps. Bonehead ! Thanks for your paragraph. It meant a lot. cat

Mon, May 11 11:42am · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

to zeiracorp Awesome

Tue, Apr 7 1:17pm · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

catcatanzaro60 Hello and God Bless Everyone too! Stay Safe! I found out this year I have COPD. I have had it for years and chose to deny it. But I cannot
ignore it anymore. Quiting nicotine in cig form four years ago and exercising daily has really helped. New to this group!

Tue, Apr 7 1:07pm · All about Prozac in Depression & Anxiety

catcatanzaro60 Yes I was diagnosed with COPD. It is depressing. Lung cancer runs in my family.