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Mon, Jul 1 12:12pm · Starting Wellbutrin in Depression & Anxiety

I have started taking this instead of Prozac. Does anyone have worse anxiety and headaches from this medication

Sun, Jun 16 1:21pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Your words just brought back deep tears of Joy. Thank you for being so awesome to us

Sun, Jun 16 1:04pm · Fibromyalgia or something else? Pain in thigh and entire left leg+knee in Chronic Pain

What can be done for Arthiris in knees and hips

Tue, Feb 26 12:58pm · One distraction from feeling miserable in Depression & Anxiety

@parus Just wanted to say thanks for all the help on my messages I will not be on this group for a couple of weeks Love all of you

Fri, Feb 22 2:59am · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

@crisdawn This was one of the best replies of PTSD I ever read. Wow I just starting learning about this. I was diagnosed with PTSD about 4 years ago. I will be so happy when I can finally let go and Let God I felt like I had walked in Jobs shoes in the Bible. I am gonna go back to Yoga and try again. Thanks so much for your love and sharing of your knowledge in getting better God Bless ya Cat

Sat, Feb 16 3:47pm · Protracted Benzo withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

@merry and all of us A lot of people have no idea how God is real and can change your life. This is not a LIe. There are a lot of people that will never have the Holy Spirit dwell within them. This is a fact. I believe God protected me as a child and without his love and understanding – I would have never been blessed or even able to help others. Read the Picture under- Footprints in the Sand-We all carry one another till we die. Why is it so hard for others to try and receive this Blessing. no matter the reason -I will always pray for everyone on these sights I pray for myself Now that is a big change for ME. Let Go and Let God This is a strong statement. We carry each other all the time. We get to points in our life -Where we get carried and it is ok Education is the key to growth.

Sat, Feb 16 3:31pm · depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@lioness Hello I just wanted to say This is the most wonderful thing to do to release feelings- I have music on my computer I have oceans and mountains on my computer. I put all my large plants around me in the winter. I feel like I am in Florida. haha