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Dec 2, 2018 · Please help: Undiagnosed chronic pain of the limbs in Chronic Pain

Thank you, I will ask for another opinion. About the injury, it happened something like two or three months before pain in leg started (it was summer, so I could have ignore something), I was racing in those little motocars (I do not know how to call it) and somebody hit me from behind, the seat hit my back very painfully and the pain did not go away for at least week. I had problem with moving because of it. But no other immediate symptoms, that I remembre.

Nov 28, 2018 · Autoimmune? Undiagnosed and don’t know where to go next in Autoimmune Diseases

Hello, I have a lot of problems myself. Luckily I have just chronic pain, but while I am searching for my answers I discovered I have problems with digesting of some foods. And that helped me with nausea, dizziness,… Try gastroenterologist. I can not say if it will help. But my helped a lot. He helped me to search for celiac desease and another allergies. And my genetics doctor was great too, I do not know how it is in your country but try discussion with one. My found some aminoacid missing in my blood, that was a big relief for my mental problems and fatigue. Maybe someone else can do those tests too, I have never asked. Good luck, get well soon and never give up!

Nov 28, 2018 · Please help: Undiagnosed chronic pain of the limbs in Chronic Pain

Oh, this is an interesting fact. Because when I think back a few months before this started I had a little injury of my back. When I asked my doctor about it she send me to MRI, but that came back negative (even on scoliosis, which I know I have and that was a bit strange). Two or three (I do not even remember) neurologist did not even try to do more tests. Please can I ask you what helped you relieve pain and how did you persuade doctors to do something?

Nov 28, 2018 · Please help: Undiagnosed chronic pain of the limbs in Chronic Pain

Thank you, I would be glad to join more people to discuss my problem. And yes I am on some medications, but sadly I know that they do not have any side effects of this kind. I take hormonal anticonception (because of big problems with menstruation), some medication for my hearth and now I take L carnitine and some vitamins. I hope this information will help.

Nov 28, 2018 · Please help: Undiagnosed chronic pain of the limbs in Chronic Pain

Hi! I am 20 years old girl who is desperate for answers. Any. I have chronic pain of limbs (doctors in my country are not able to tell if it is muscles or what), I an not even sleep properly because I can not lie on my tights.
Everything started three years ago, I felt a sharp bad pain in my left tight, I was in school, not in a gym, not outside. The pain went on and off for few weeks, slowly more and more parts of my body started to ache. One tight, then another, one shoulder, then another,… And it came more and more often. Until now, now it does not go away. During this three years I stopped any activity, cause I am so weak I can not even go up the stairs. At least one doctor discovered a little problem with L carnitine, so these days I am not sleeping all days cause I am taking pills (or other forms of it).
Rheuma, arthitisis, MS, lupus and other classics are ruled out. I do not know what to do. I do not want to take pain meds, cause my stomach is not so strong.
Summary: chronic pain (limbs, fingers,…), problems with sleeping, weakness, and I almost forget my almost falling cause my knees and hips are lazy to hold me or whatever
PS: please if you have any tips please help me
PSS: does anyone have symptom which I can only describe as if my hands do not know what they are doing (I just sometimes miss thing I would like to catch/ hold even if I am looking at it)?