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Fri, Jun 14 11:09am · Questions about Rifaximin in Digestive Health

I take Align every day. I think it's controversial whether to take a probiotic after SIBO but for me, I feel and function much better. I'm also missing my right intestines due to a bowel obstruction. I take Xifaxan every day due to chronic SIBO.

Wed, Jun 12 11:28am · Questions about Rifaximin in Digestive Health

I am on Xifaxan indefinetly after a colectomy which causes chronic SIBO. Have not experienced the belching.

Sun, Jun 2 5:21pm · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

No. This is a test that tests for cardio and pulmonary response to exercise. They use this on elite athletes and people like me who have chronic fatigue, shortness of breath (extreme) intolerance to exercise with exhausting every other lung and heart test out there. I also have intermittent bouts of hypoxia. I've had more tests than I can count over 3 years and finally had to give up tennis due to so much trouble with breathing. The last test that was run, just last week, was a cardiopulmonary test. Everything showed excellent and 10% better than women my age– 63. But, one thing was not normal. I could not reach my peak heart rate during exercise. Blood pressure and heart rate were flat in response to exercise. So something called chronotopic incompetence is suspected. You will have to google it. I'm just now trying to understand it. One of the causes can be a congenital hole in the heart that didn't close up properly after birth. Cardiologist said if that's what it is, it is probably not large since I've made it this far. Apparently hole can be patched but I'm waiting to hear back to see what the plan is. If it's not that, then I don't have a clue. Hope I get to feel better and play tennis and exercise like I want again.

Sun, Jun 2 4:44pm · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

I know this is an older post and I've not read through all the comments, but I'm curious if you have had a cardiopulmonary stress test? Different than your usual stress test.

Tue, May 28 7:58am · Breathing problem: Silent Reflux a hidden epidemic  in Lung Health

I was diagnosed with silent reflux a 3 years ago but couldn't tolerate the medications.

Tue, May 28 7:34am · Central sleep apnea. Cause? in Sleep Health

In reply to some of the older posts, I have arthritis in my neck from prior neck injuries. I have bone spurs which are painful. I do not know how involved the C1 and C7 are. I also have Raynauds.

Tue, May 28 7:29am · Central sleep apnea. Cause? in Sleep Health

I do not have a diagnosis of chronic fatigue. I don't think my dr believes that exists. However, I'm 63 and can tell you I have felt ongoing, chronic fatigue for 20 years. And it is disabling much of the time. Dr keeps up with all blood work including hormone levels, vitamin d and b, everything.i have hypothyroidism and have been treated for that for 34 years. Get vitamins b shots every month due to partial colectomy nearly 3 years ago. I am on medication for depression and anxiety — generalized anxiety disorder and ptsd. Sleep dr thinks the high dose of temazepam at night is contributing to the central sleep apneas. I think he is probably right. I have no idea if this is playing into my hypoxia too. Will see my psychiatrist in August so he can help with a taper program.

Wed, May 22 4:14pm · Central sleep apnea. Cause? in Sleep Health

I am having intermittent bouts of hypoxia and have had so many tests I can't count. One test was a sleep study which showed moderate sleep apnea. Cpap was prescribed. I feel horrible on this machine. More chronic fatigue than before. My central apneas have tripled on the cpap. Waiting to hear from the dr. They have bumped up the pressure already which increased the CSA even more. Have no idea why.