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2 days ago · Confused about tests in Lung Health

So all of my tests have come back in the normal range. Echocardiogram, PFT, overnight pulse ox, and ct scan which only showed some coronary and aortic calcifications. See the dr on Thursday. Still have no clue why I have intermittent oxygen drops.

5 days ago · Confused about tests in Lung Health

I'm so sorry you had to deal with cancer. Horrible. I guess I shouldn't be complaining and be more patient until all test results are in. I'm just wondering if I've been misdiagnosed for years. But, I think my dr is good so I'll wait to see what she says at our next visit.

5 days ago · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

I had the same diagnosis re long, redundant , twisty colon and had awful constipation for my entire life. Colonoscopies were a nightmare back in the day when you were lucky to get a Valium. I am 62. 2 1/2 years ago I had a bowel obstruction from a cecal volulous and had to undergo emergency surgery (right hemicolectomy) to remove all of the ascending colon and then some. About 2 feet. It's been a long, hard recovery but with a good doctor, I've done pretty well with the bowel problems. Have been constipated twice since surgery. My colon had a rotated cecum– rare, congenital bowel malformation that no test can detect unless you obstruct. The surgery itself is an awful recovery but, I'm grateful to be alive since the mortality rate for a cecal volvulus is high. I don't know if the rotated cecum has anything to do with the colon being extra long and twisty.

5 days ago · Confused about tests in Lung Health

I'll try to make this short. About 10 years ago I started wheezing while playing tennis and having trouble breathing with extreme exertion and dr started me on bronchial dilator and steroid inhaler, which helped. . My chest X-rays have shown hyperinflation for about 20 years– I am 62. Former smoker but stopped around age 27. Smoked about 10 years. Three years ago I saw my pulmonologist and my 02 was at 87 walking around his office. Went through pulmonary function tests, stress test with echocardiogram , overnight pulse oximentary test and all showed normal. So nothing new was added but still used inhalers daily. I continued playing tennis but with breathing difficulties. Last November I decided to stop tennis because breathing was getting too difficult. Rescue inhalers never seemed to help. Xrays have continued to show hyperinflation. Fast forward to January '19 and saw new pulmonologist due breathing problems with exercise. Again, in her office my 02 was at 87. After being put on 02, it came back up to 98. She prescribed home 02 and a number of tests, high resolution ct scan, overnight pulse ox, echocardiogram and pulmonary function tests. So far, all have come back normal including the ct scan which showed no air trapping or small airway disease, everything normal except coronary and aortic calcifications. Basically normal which surprised me since I've been told for years I have mild copd. Will wait to see what overnight pulse ox shows. My 02 is still dropping to the high 80s upon exertion but not always and it goes back up pretty fast when I sit down, within 5-10 minutes. Currently I'm not using the oxygen until I find out what's going on. So I am wondering why the xrays and ct scan show different info and now wondering if I gave copd at all. And clueless about why 02 is dropping and why I heave upon more than usual exertion. Maybe it's exercise induced asthma but again, the rescue inhalers don't help me when I can't breath well.

Fri, Feb 15 11:10am · pro biotics in Digestive Health

I have tried it 3 different times and this may sound weird, but it affects my sleep. I don't know how that could be, but it does. So I go back to Align and it keeps me right.

Thu, Feb 14 10:12am · pro biotics in Digestive Health

I use Align too. Only one that has worked for me. I had part of my intestines removed 8/22/16.

Wed, Feb 13 10:39am · sibo diet in Digestive Health

That is pretty shocking that your surgeon or primary didn't refer you to a GI after your surgery. It's a very hard surgery with some not so pleasant issues after. I'm sorry you suffered for so long. I am 62 and learned long ago to advocate for myself in health matters but didn't have the knowledge or bravery when I was young. So I commend you for taking control of things and finding a good doctor who will work with you. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Mon, Feb 11 10:25am · sibo diet in Digestive Health

@rachel_b , when was your surgery?