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Mon, Nov 26 7:38pm · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

The foot pain has been noticeable since I got off of opioids at about 10 days post op, although the numb feeling was present since the day of surgery. The pain is intermittent and can appear at random moments. It can feel like I am standing on hot coals; like I have needles inserted under my toenails; or like the side of my foot has been sliced with a knife. Sometimes anything that touches my foot can set it off, even a bed sheet. The gabapentin does help but it has been a little tricky getting to the right dosage. The only side effect that I have noticed is some drowsiness after taking it, although I can usually push past that if I need to.
I continue to have some swelling in the knee. My surgeon thinks that the neuropathy is related to this swelling and should improve in time. How long did your knee swelling last?

Mon, Nov 26 5:12pm · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Thanks for your reply and referral to an interesting article. My surgeon does not believe that I have had nerve damage because I have good motor function. However, she does think that nerve compression from swelling is probably causing this. And that’s why she thinks this will “probably” improve with time. But there is always the qualifier that it may never get better.

Mon, Nov 26 4:41pm · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I had a right total knee replacement 10 weeks ago and came out of surgery with numbness and intermittent pain on the bottom of my right foot. However, I do have good motor function in that foot. The knee has been healing and with PT, movement is on track, but the foot is a major challenge. The foot pain at times is worse than any from the knee. I have been able to generally manage the foot pain with gabapentin. My surgeon believes this may resolve in time but may take from 6-12 months. However there is a possibility that it will never go away. Has anyone else experienced foot neuropathy following knee replacement? If so, what was your experience with it?