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Nov 23, 2018 · Brachioradial pruritus. (severe itching on forearms and neck, no rash). in Skin Health

Hi – I've just registered as I wanted to pass on what I tried to stop this awful itch. I read on here that someone suggested petroleum jelly can help and someone else mentioned menthol rub. In desperation on Wednesday night I rummaged around in the medicine cabinet (having tried everything else I could think of) and found an old pot of Vick Vapour Rub (it's called Vick here in England). Anyway, I lathered this on my arm and the itching stopped! I did the same last night and no itching. This seems ridiculous, but it worked! I had previously been waking up every night and scratching my arm furiously for hours – no scratching at all and the lumps and bumps on my arm are disappearing. Please pass this on – I tried to join the discussion after registering but couldn't for some reason. Many thanks and good luck. Angie