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Fri, Mar 13 9:03am · Your experiences with IBS in Digestive Health

I thought I had IBS for 64years because all the G.I. Drs. said so . I saw one that tested me for sucrose intolerance (table sugar ) . Now I know I have sugar and starch intolerance. Worth doing a simple breath test for this. Good luck.

Thu, Feb 6 8:42am · Recurring CDiff in Digestive Health

I have not found c.ciff. to be recurring from food. I had the infection for a whole year in 2017. I am on an Atkins type diet (protein and veggies) because the infection destroyed my brush border enzymes in my small gut. I can't digest sugars and starches. I get bloating and diarrhea if I cheat on my diet.So maybe you have the same problem. I know 2 people with the same problem.It may be more common than anyone knows. Not all diarrhea means c.diff. Be sure to take a good probiotic. If you must take antibiotics my G.I. Doc recommends taking oral vanc along with the antibiotic. I will put you on my prayer list.

Mon, Feb 3 8:03pm · What happens after C.Difficile? in Digestive Health

Has anyone tried the anti-inflammatory/autoimmune diet and did you find a cure for abdominal distention and indigestion? I saw a dietitian yesterday.This diet is arduous.

Mon, Jan 27 8:58am · Still having gut problems after severe Cdiff & FMT in Digestive Health

Hi, after having c-diff. for a year I can no longer digest sucrose in my small intestines. Request a sucrose breath test from your G.I. Dr. It took me 3 years to find out the cause of extreme bloating and cramps after the c. diff. nothing was back to "normal". The test is non-invasive.

Sun, Jan 5 9:05am · C Difficile: Do you have memory issues, disoriention, confusion? in Digestive Health

I had c.diff for a year, only physical symptoms.

Wed, Jan 1 11:29am · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

Has your Dr. done a sucrose breath test ? It was the last test and I discovered I had no enzymes activity at all for table sugar ,sucrose and thru elimination diets can't tolerate carbs. This caused constant pregnancy -like bloating. Just an idea.

Nov 18, 2019 · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Wow ,I do the same life style thing. I don't eat all day then have 1 meal at night. I have cut out sucrose and all grain products. After a year of c. dif. my small intestine is damaged. I was finally diagnosed to have sucrase deficiency . All grains with or w/o gluten cause extreme upper abdominal bloating. So I guess I also have isomaltase deficiency . I can tolerate white rice and wild rice mix. I make a drink of glucose powder and water when I exercise. This increases my energy . I have also read about round up in our food supply. Any way I find my problem socially isolating.

Oct 22, 2019 · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

Thanks for the info. I tested negative for SIBO. I have been diagnosed with the inability to digest sucrose and starches. There is a medicine for the sucrose portion of the diagnosis, but not for the starches. The only problem is the sucraid cost $8084/month. I don't think the average person can afford this. If i eat only "home made" meals that consist of protein and a green veggie (no peas). I have no bloating or diarrhea .The diet is worse than fodmap . Just check food labels in your kitchen… table sugar is in everything.