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6 days ago · Heart rate goes into 100's when waking and moving in bed in Heart Rhythm Conditions

This has been an ongoing problem for me. If I wake up in the middle of the night and move just slightly or turn around in bed, my heart rate shoots up to 100+ momentarily. Then settles back down to 60bpm.

I had an AFIB incident two years ago because of this. At that time my heart rate was shooting up to 130+bpm. This was mainly due to uncontrolled sleep apnea. I have that controlled now with BIPAP machine. I also take Xarelto for blood clot disorder.

My cardiologist and electrophysiologist are not concerned about the racing heart but I'd still like an explanation for it. All I have to do when I wake up in middle of the night is to stretch my legs or move to one side. This causes my HR to go way up from 60 to 100+. That seems abnormal to me.

Mon, Mar 11 8:41am · Occasional low heart rate (50 or below) and cold feeling in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have discussed with cardiologist. I'm aware beta blockers can cause bradycardia. But shouldn't cause chills and very cold feeling. I'm still trying to figure that one out with some doctors

Wed, Feb 27 11:19am · Occasional low heart rate (50 or below) and cold feeling in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Does anyone know what could cause slow heart rate in combination with a chill / cold feeling?
I've been dealing with this for some time. Sometimes I have inappropriate sinus tachycardia, other days I have this chill and cold feeling with a slow HR. I take thyroid medicine and my levels and all blood work are always normal.

short health history:
47yo male
1. I'm on Xarelto for blood clotting disorder.
2. 2015 and 2019 had DVT/PE.
3. 2017 – Had one AFIB incident, put on Multaq until this year and taken off due to no more AFIB.
4. Take Xarelto 20mg, Bystolic 0.50mg

Sat, Feb 23 6:38pm · High Heart Rate / Slight fainting type of symptoms in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@syntax2002 did you ever find a solution to your symptoms?

My electrophysiologist had me stop Multaq. When I did, my blood pressure shot up high so now I'm on Bystolic 5mg daily. My resting heart rate went up a little as well. I still get tachycardia, especially in the mornings when I get out of bed. My heart rate goes from 55 to 100+ upon standing. It doesn't stay there, but it is concerning me since I don't think it should get that high just getting out of bed. Doctors are not concerned though

My cardiologist assistant told me, that if I keep having "Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia", they have another drug they can try. But for now I'm supposed to take an extra Bystolic if my heart "sticks" at a fast rate. I plan to go back to the gym and I hope not to have any tachycardia nor afib again. Otherwise will need an ablation at some point.

Mon, Feb 4 12:47pm · Heart Palpitations at night - caused by vagus nerve issue? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm 47yo, 220lbs, 6'1" male. I have sleep apnea and AFIB which are both controlled for now. I use a BIPAP and take Multaq for AFIB. I also wear a chin strap, and a neck brace at night, due to my apnea and palpitation issues. Some nights, when I lay on my left side, or on my back, I will wake up in the middle of the night with very bad heart palpitations. I believe I may be pinching a nerve or it's something to do with the "vagus nerve". So what type of doctor would i see about this condition?

I have been to local sleep doctor, cardiologist, and electrophysiologist. Also a neurologist and spine doctor. They have no solution for me. The issue I have is, that before I was on Multaq, the palpitations were much worse, and I had an AFIB incident in 2017. But last year, also had issues with Bigeminy.

The issue also can happen, if I'm reclining back on my recliner for a period of time. I will feel this "anxious" feeling, then if I get up, it causes major palpitations and sometimes a racing heart. My doctors have claimed it all due to anxiety, and I'm taking medicine for anxiety again now. But the issue in my sleep keep occurring with palpitations.

I'm not sure what to do about it anymore. I dont want to live this way anymore! The neck brace has seemed to help, because I would have a lot of obstructions at night before that. But I'm tired of these palpitations occurring.

I've had EKG's, stress tests, and recent echocardiogram and holter monitor for two weeks. Nothing was found concerning.

Tue, Jan 29 5:39pm · High Heart Rate / Slight fainting type of symptoms in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My doctor has since started me on Lamictal for anxiety and mood disorder. I know it is not specifically for anxiety but it seems to be helping. These issues have almost gone away since taking it for a few weeks. Although I have also gained some weight which may be helping, since my blood pressure is now around normal at 120/80 and no longer goes low to 100/70 or so. I think I have multiple things going on causing the symptoms.

Last night though, around two hours after taking Multaq and Bystolic I started feeling a little off/unwell. So I went to bed. Today I feel good so far.

My electrophysiologist wants me to stop the Multaq and see if any of my symptoms stop and to see if I go back into AFIB. He says my last Holter monitor for two weeks didn't really show any afib and he thinks Multaq isn't doing anything for me.

Tue, Jan 29 11:45am · High Heart Rate / Slight fainting type of symptoms in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm curious if my medicine, Multaq, Bystolic, and Xarelto is somehow causing tall spikes QRS, in my EKG or if this is normal? My Electrophysiologist claims this is not an issue.

Last week my cardiologist ran a professional EKG and Echocardiogram and both were normal. So they claim my heart is okay.

But I keep having symptoms that feel like something is wrong with my heart. I get inappropriate sinus tachycardia where it races at 145bom when I go from sitting to standing sometimes. Also it has gone into Bigeminy.

I've had two DVT and two PE, one in 2015 and in May 2018. In 2017 I was placed on Multaq for Afib.

The screenshots I attached are one from me, the tall spikes, and one from a friend. I've had two friends take their EKG with my Kardia Mobile and they both have very short spikes. So I don't understand why mine are so tall.

Sun, Jan 13 10:33am · Anti-arrhythmic AFIB drugs and feeling unwell - Multaq in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@sally630 My doctor has me on Holter monitor the past two weeks. Will see what that shows. Probably nothing. I think this medicine is Pro-arrythmic sometimes in me. I also had a weird multiple anxiety attacks in a grocery store two weeks ago. I took out my Kardia Mobile and it showed some inverted waves. Those peaks that are usually pointed up, I had a couple it caught pointed down. Sent that to my doctor. He said he would talk to me about it this week. I've seen those inverted QRS peaks before in some of my Kardia EKG when I have these bad feelings.

For now though my psychiatrist started me on some anxiety medicine to see if that will help me feel better. Then this week going to see about stopping Multaq. But I'm concerned the AFIB may return.