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Nov 19, 2018 · Dizziness, blurriness, headache after exercise in Just Want to Talk

Hi guys new member here and first post! So I need help diagnosing what is wrong. I just went to hockey practice and during it after a couple simple drills I became very tired and my vision became blurry to the point I had to sit on the bench and take a break. I don't understand what was wrong with me considering everyone else on my team seemed fine going through the drills that weren't to tiring. To me I was out of breath almost like I have never conditioned before. I have been skating for at least 13-14 years and I am currently 18, but still I don't understand how I couldn't handle a couple of simple drills. Once practice was over my vision was still blurred and I developed a headache. I also couldn't stay focused on one person and hold a conversation. I don't think I have a concussion considering I never got hit in the head and my head never got bumped, but who knows. It may have also just been dehydration or overheating, I don't know. Currently I am typing this and my vision is still a little weird and I still have a mild headache whenever I move my head around. Let me know thanks! Sorry if this isn't that serious, just confused because this has never happened before during practice.