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Jan 15, 2019 · Chest pain > a month in Heart & Blood Health

Since the beginning of this year, I have been having intermittent chest pain. I've been to the ER three times this year twice in the past two months, I currently see a cardiologist, and I have had almost every test done, chest x-ray, labs, echo, CT, CT angiogram, stress test, Holter monitors, and multiple EKG's and no one has found anything. I've been told by a doctor in the ER that it is not cardio related, my cardiologist thinks different, but can't find anything. I am on beta blockers which controls the low/high blood pressure and mostly controls the abnormally high heart rate but does not take away the feeling of my heart racing in my chest or shortness of breath, even when my heart is not racing. The pain is in the center of my chest and gets worse with pressure and deep breathing, and there is sometimes a very sharp stabbing feeling in my chest for only a few seconds but it becomes unbearable, dizziness is also a major symptom. I am an 18-year-old female with no history of any cardiac anything in my family and no acid reflux or anything like that. This has been going on for months and nothing has come up. I was told in the ER my first CT I had a fatty lipoma pressing against my esophagus but everyone has said its nothing. At this point, I have become increasingly frustrated that nothing has come up and I have been put through multiple tests and countless visits to doctors if anyone has anything they can offer up I would appreciate it.