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Fri, Jul 12 9:40pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

Yikes! That's a nasty reaction. The advantage of Livalo is that compared to Atorvastatin it doesn't change blood sugar levels. My Cardiologist wants me om 80mg of Atorvastatin, but I'm reluctant to take that high of a dose.

Fri, Jul 12 8:52pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

What dosage of Statin are you taking? For many statins will actually increase the CAC score. Got a CAC Score of 979, passed a stress test but a CT Angiogram showed 4 mild 4 medium and 1 severe plaque.

Thu, Jun 20 7:38pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

There are also those that have a heart attack from an arterial spasm. I use to hike and not take my cell phone ……….. not anymore 🙂

Thu, Jun 20 7:19pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

Absolutely! Thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately a stent does not necessarily protect one from a heart attack, I have heard of people getting a stent and having a heart attack a couple of months later.

Thu, Jun 20 8:37am · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

Reasoning: Having no symptoms and with little 'evidence' that a stent will prevent an event. Left Main 575, LAD 110, Left Circumflex 80, Right 301. The severe blockage is located at the MID LAD. The location with the highest amount of calcium (Left Main), has only mild narrowing. I have decided to really 'appreciate' that I'm feeling good. 63 – 150lbs – No Meds – Good Energy – No Pain Anywhere. I don't feel much different than I did in my 40's.

Wed, Jun 19 7:30am · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

I guess it proves that stress tests aren't 100% accurate. I have no symptoms (shortness of breath, angina), blood pressure is good. I did not get a stent, it seems one is more likely to die from a small unstable plaque, than a severe stable plaque. I am going to monitor plaque progression through CT Calcium Scores. I am making changes through diet, supplementation and exercise. I discovered that I have a Ramus Intermedius (an extra artery that comes off of the left main artery). Not sure if this offers any kind of 'advantage'.

Mon, Jun 17 3:27pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

I received a 979 CAC Score, passed a stress test but talked my cardiologist into getting me a CT Angiogram. The Angiogram revealed 4 mild 4 moderate and 1 severe blockage (Mid LAD). The severe blockage was not picked up by a stress test.

Wed, Mar 20 6:33pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

From my understanding there are ways to slow plaque progression through diet, supplements, exercise. Plaque can increase as much as 40% per year and keeping progression to a minimal will lower the chances of an event. The only way to do this is through a CAC retest, radiation exposure is minimal. Although high CAC Score means risk is increased, there are probably many other factors involved in having an actual event. Lowering stress, meditation, mindfulness are probably all beneficial. I want to monitor my plaque progression percentage, so I plan to retest after a two year period.