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Fri, May 31 12:50pm · Healed broken back and leg pain in Spine Health

I have had that also. Maybe only 4 mo. Has helped lots.

Thu, May 30 2:18pm · Healed broken back and leg pain in Spine Health

No I was put in a turtle shell for 6 mo. No twisting as nd turning. No bending.

Wed, May 29 8:57pm · Healed broken back and leg pain in Spine Health

I broke my back 11 mo ago. I have been working hard to stay away from fusion surgery. I still have leg pain, low ba k pain and paiburning pain when I sit for periods of time. My pain Dr suggested a caudal epidural steroid injection. Is t that down by the sacrum. Has anyone e had one how are they done do the hurt. And do they work. It’s pretty much low back sacrum a d it leg where I hurt. Help

Tue, May 28 5:57am · MAYO CLINIC APPOINTMENTS in Chronic Pain

I could not get in there either. I was looking g at mis for lumbar spine as I have RSD a d I don't want to disturb a y nerves. I have been to mayo before. I have a mayo number and they turned me down.

Wed, May 22 6:29am · Chronic ice pain, neck ,back and RSD in Chronic Pain

Where can you find it ?

Tue, May 21 9:15pm · 7 days post op disk replacement and fusion L-4, L-5 in Spine Health

This is what my husband says. They need to just wrap me in bubble wrap

Mon, May 20 2:33pm · Chronic ice pain, neck ,back and RSD in Chronic Pain

I am hopi g to get some advice here. I have terrible chronic pain. 1st from RSD . I have a pain stimulator for that. Last Juky I had a burst compression fracture L4. Boating accident. Drs. Wanted to do a 4 level fusion . I wou lb d not let them as I have heard bad things about fusing so I fought to heal it with pt. I yr s healed now but I do have pain. But I think less than a fusion would be. I also had cervical neck stenosis about
5 yrs ago . They did do a gate fusion at the time there.
Here is my problem in March of this yr. I fell on my face in Houston. I got a concussion Jared my neck pain dr Xrayed and didn't see anything broken. She sent me for a Esi injection and a occipital injection as I have been getting very bad headaches also. It helps for a few weeks but the pain is back badly. I don't want more surgery but I am 60 and I hurt fro. Head to toe.