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Nov 14, 2018 · Blood in stool and Microscopic Colitis in Digestive Health

I stayed away from steroids; I was quite scared by them and thought the reprucussions of steroids seemed to be a greater threat than my condition to my overall health. I also read extensively, and in all reports, the ‘remission ‘ brought about by steroids reversed back to active CC about 2 weeks after stopping the drug, or tapering off the drug in over 80 percent of the cases, for all types of the steroids used in this condition, including their favourite: budsonide. Then these reports then talk about a ‘maintenance’ dose for the rest of your life. Not really an attractive option.
I was given sulfasalazine once, and while it really helped with normalizing my bms , I experienced stomach pain, gas, bloating, and horrible colon spasms. I then read about it’s side effects and found out you need to have regular blood tests and your liver and kidney function checked due to life threatening, irreversible ‘ side effects’., besides the ‘common’ side effect of the stomach pain. Great. So that lasted only about a month.
The thing that did help was the Pepto Bismol ( Bismuth) routine ( developed by Dr Fine specifically for Microscopic Colitis ( CC). 3 pills / 3 times a day for eight weeks. )It is reportedly well tolerated and no side effects other than black stools and a black tongue ( I discovered the tongue will not blacken if you just rinse your mouth well after each dose). Well it was like a miracle. I was NORMAL. Afterwards, my CC gradually did return, but ever since then, I have really decent periods of remission regularly, and while I do get flare ups, the condition was far easier to deal with. Before that, I had not really experienced remissions and had urgent, explosive diarrhea at least 10 to 15 times a day. After the Pepto routine, I would get ‘urgency’, and mostly loose stools , but usually 2 times in the morning, and then be ok for the rest of the day ( except for periods of flare ups usually brought about by eating too much roughage and fiber in my diet). Often I had normal looking stools too. So it helped something with that Bismuth routine. Doctor Fine has since then dropped the Bismuth protocol and now recommends a gluten free diet. I do think that gluten free can work for some people. My own thinking is that our food is so adulterated these days with harmful things and we are therefore damaging our guts in many possible ways. But how to get away from the harm in our foods is the question. Oursocieties are based on catering to corporate profit regardless of the harm to people ( look how it has to be a fight just to try to label GMOs in food. Look how long Big Tobbacco got away with literally killing people; the harm we are subjected to by what is in our food: pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, etc. And don’t underestimate the harmful effects of stress hormones that are in all of the food produced by those poor tortured animals in factory farming : our milk, our eggs, meat, …). We need a new society. One not dominated by Corporations and their disregard for people in their drive for ever increasing profits. We need to stop the corporate takeover of our governments and societies. I feel we can’t even trust the medicines we are prescribed. Our pharmaceutical companies control medical schools and doctor’s education. Things that won’t make them big profits are not funded for research. Whatever happened to the oath: first do no harm in medicine? Ok. Sorry for the lecture.

Nov 14, 2018 · Blood in stool and Microscopic Colitis in Digestive Health

To gutheslth. To diagnose Collagenous , or the other types of ‘Microscopic Colitis, they have to take several biopsies during the colonoscopy. I think lots of people miss this diagnosis because biopsies are not taken. Yes, the SCD diet did help improve things somewhat, but I still had diarrhea, though somewhat reduced in the number of times a day. It was the bloating and gas that was helped most, and the sense of never completely being finished with a ‘bowel movement’. I do believe gluten is not the culprit for me. The problem I think for me on the SCD diet was that there was a lot of roughage, and a lot of seeds and nuts etc. I am just now considering a ‘low residue ‘ diet as a possibility for getting symptoms under control.
I think that occult blood can be from the effects of diarrhea itself: that alone should be enough to irritate the lining of the rectum and colon and produce occult blood I would think.
My most problematic time is about 5 hours after eating dinner ( a bigger meal than the rest of the day). That’s about the time I think the digestive process reaches the large colon.
What is most uncomfortable is the large volume of diarrhea ( = pressure in the colon) as a result of the collagen band interfering with water absorption from the colon. Sometimes I am amazed at the amount. Really. Where else can you talk about these things except a place like this. You know being able to say these ‘forbidden’ things is a great help to people suffering with something that you can’t usually discuss with others ( not exactly a welcome topic). Here at least: discuss away.

Nov 13, 2018 · Blood in stool and Microscopic Colitis in Digestive Health

I’ll have to look that diet up. I was on the SCD diet for a very long time, but it didn’t help that much; and that was a very limited diet ( no gluten, but also no grains of any kind, no dairy, and lots of other ‘nos’ too. Very limited.)
I wish your son all the best. It is a very difficult thing indeed to not be able to eat without pain and problems.

Nov 13, 2018 · Blood in stool and Microscopic Colitis in Digestive Health

Hi Wendy. I have never heard of Collagenous gastritis. Is this where there is an extra band of collagen somewhere other than the large colon? (In CC there is a thicker collagen band in the colon. ) In 17 years I have never found a diet that cures; only some improvements with light eating, and limited roughage. I have remissions where everything is normal and I can eat anything. And even sometimes where the collagen band has disappeared, only to return. Sometimes, the flare up is so aggressive that I have 15 to 20 bouts of diarrhea in the course of the day. Sometimes a flare up lasts for months. The steroid drugs they offer scare me. Once, the Pepto Bismuth routine sometimes used as a treatment worked for a nice long time before the condition returned. After that routine, while I still would experience serious flare ups, I had more frequent periods of remission at least. I get so tired of dealing with this. I just had a fe al test and there was occult blood in the samples, so I am now scheduled for a colonoscopy. I am thinking that it is likely a result of the CC of course, but then it’s always a worry; you know, everyone worries about the big C right away, I suspect some of us are just responding to the criminal adulteration of all of our food ( hormones and growth hormones and antibiotics in meats, not to mention stress hormones from poor tortured factory farmed animals, and all that spraying of our vegetables and fruits, and GMOs, and on and on; yeah; go Capitalism! ) what a world we’ve made. No wonder some of us can’t even eat or digest anymore. Hope your daughter does ok.

Nov 12, 2018 · Blood in stool and Microscopic Colitis in Digestive Health

I have Collagenous Colitis( Microscopic Colitis). Everywhere, I read that this always shows a normal colonoscopy without inflammation visible, and no blood in stool. This information is not correct. I first went to the doctor years ago because of blood in the toilet bowl. My colonoscopy did show inflammation in the colon. But it was still Collagenous Colitis ( often called Microscopic Colitis) diagnosed by biopsy. This information out there needs correction.