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Nov 13, 2018 · Metropolol er 50mg. Trouble swallowing pills in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Im still trying to do it that way the problem is i know its there my throat still tightens up😢😢

Nov 12, 2018 · Metropolol er 50mg. Trouble swallowing pills in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I was hoping to get something helpful here as far as info goes. I have IST heart seems to be in working order orherwise. My cardi wanted to put me on cartia but i could not swallow pills asked for another option something smaller or something I could disolve or crush. They put mw on metroprolol er. I was told there were no other options and the pills arent really any smaller. So i read that i could break it at the score mark and take it that way i had to let it disolve alot before i could get it down still yet. Well i called them and told them this because i do want to take my medicine and am trying to but im having trouble taking it like they want me to and i was worried that i was having to let it disolve. I looked on mayo about the medicine and had read something about if its a capsule and have trouble swallowing they could break open capsule and sprinkle over food..i mentioned this when i called even though it is a tab not capsule. They told me not to break it in half and that i have to take it whole i told them about letting it disolve till it was small enough to swallow they said that if i want to let it disolve a little i could but not to crush break or chew it.which i wasnt. I also called mft and they said i could break it in half but not chew or crush and they dont recomend letting it disolve only because they dont have the research on that. If i can let it disolve that would be great. I just want to find a solution to take my medicine.im not for sure what i can do if cant find a less difficult way to take it. I want to care for my tachy and be healthier for my son because of my issues im not sure they are aware im taking this seriously because of my complaint of not being able to swallow the pill but i am and do want to address the problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this i hope someone can help me figure this out.