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Nov 11, 2018 · Catamenial Epilepsy and Progesterone Therapy in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hello I was diagnosed with TLE in 4/18 with hippocampal sclerosis. Prior to knowing I had been having partial seizures, I took progesterone compound 200mg cycle days 15-25. Doctors thought my symptoms were possibly hormonal since I had a history of low progesterone. It took a grand mal seizure on 3/13/18 to be referred to neurologist to find out the symptoms were not hormonal, but in fact partial seizures. I now go to an epileptologist which I would suggest over a neurologist. They are neurologist who specialize in seizures and epilepsy. You may be able to find one who further specializes in catamenial epilepsy as well. I’m the same way. I have PCOS so my cycles are irregular, but normally I have partial seizures around cycle day 18. If I take the progesterone it makes my cycle more regular, but I still have the partials. I think an imbalance of estrogen does play a role with me, because I had the grand mal on cycle day 18 and had no progesterone on board. My epileptologist does not specialize in catamenial. My seizures are pretty much consistent with those cycle days, but they can be all over the month as well. I’m on lamictal 250mg daily, but my seizures are not controlled. I’m sure I haven’t answered your question, but thought I would give you some info as it relates to my sxs. Is that time in your cycle the only time you are having the seizures?