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14 hours ago · Humor during the Coronavirus Crisis in COVID-19

Hey now @fiesty76 – there are some Aggie alumni out here, take it easy on us. LOL

17 hours ago · Telemedicine: How to make the most of a virtual doctor visit in COVID-19

@colleenyoung – I would also add, have a caregiver take part in the call as well. If agreeable to everyone of course.

2 days ago · Telemedicine: How to make the most of a virtual doctor visit in COVID-19

@johnbishop – there is a lot of upside to Telemedicine and on line records. I had a appointment this last week over the phone with my Oncologist. No trip to the office, it was great. This of course will not work for any physical examination.

Even more important, previous to that, I was able to share a Pet Scan with my Oncologist that was taken at the Mayo Clinic by using the Patient Portal. That was priceless!!! There was no waiting for the physical data to be sent via courier or any other physical means.

Telemedicine speeds up the health care process and should be easier on our environment as an added benefit.

3 days ago · What are your tips to work from home and not be distracted? in COVID-19

@tigre101010 Claudina, what great advice. When I was chained to the office desk, I made it a practice to go for walks two or three times a day. That offered the mind a break as well as stretching the muscles. It also reduced my trips to the chiropractor.

Sat, Mar 21 3:52pm · Lower lymphocytes following chemo--2 years later in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hello @jals – I was treated for Large B cell Lymphoma in 2018, I subsequently had Car-T immunotherapy to combat it. I am currently in remission. I cannot speak to what levels affect a compromised system. I had an appointment with my doctor this last Monday. I was told that my immune system would not be able to handle any kind of serious virus. I was advised to quarantine myself, at least in the short term.

I echo Colleen and recommend you speak to your doctor about your specific situation.

Is this something you can do in the next short while?

Wed, Mar 18 6:43am · How to Keep Kids Occupied & and Your Sanity during Self Quarantine in About Kids & Teens

Hello @ethanmcconkey : Yesterday, my wife had a virtual baking lesson with two of your granddaughters. We called it Granny's bake off 2020. We used face time. This activity was in three steps so it took up a bit of time. Our family is five hundred miles away, this was an excellent way for them and us to bond a bit and DE-stress as we find ourselves spending a lot of time at home.

Wed, Mar 18 6:37pm · My plans to lessen the stress of self-imposed quarantine. Yours? in COVID-19

Something I do, is when reading a book, I have my computer handy and use Google Earth to view locations that are mentioned in the story line. I saw some wonderful locations in Pakistan by that method today.

Wed, Mar 18 11:30am · CAR-T Cell Therapy: Introduce yourself and connect with others in CAR-T Cell Therapy

Hello @ruttgerbay – It sounds like you are very patient. Do your best to stay that way. I can relate to what your wife is going through. My wife laughs (now) about how she had to mash the noodles in my soup in order for me to eat them.

Stay strong – Thinking of you both. Reach out anytime when you can.