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Mon, Dec 2 8:20am · Diagnosis today and feel paralyzed but need to be there for my hubby.. in Pancreatic Cancer

Cindee, obviously a lot of uncertainty at this time. For us as well, fear of the unknown was front and centre. Do what you can to stay out of the panic mode. I encourage you to continue to reach out on connect when you feel the need.

Tue, Nov 26 8:38am · Diagnosis today and feel paralyzed but need to be there for my hubby.. in Pancreatic Cancer

Hi cindee60

Just checking on how things are going.

Are you feeling less panicked?

Thu, Nov 14 8:45am · Diagnosis today and feel paralyzed but need to be there for my hubby.. in Pancreatic Cancer

Hi cindee60
I was diagnosed with Large B cell lymphoma.

The support that worked for me, may not be right for everyone.

What helped me was insuring that I stayed involved in day to day routines. This was especially important on down days coming out of treatments.
We have always been an active couple so keeping up with exercise became a great way to support me. There were many days where laying in bed would have been good enough for me but thankfully, that was not allowed too often. So those little pushes from time to time were good.
Insuring my dietary needs were met offered a lot of support, as eating was difficult at times.

Immediate Family engagement was also very important to me, thankfully our family was fully engaged in helping me get better as well. (Though for the most part from a distance as out children all are from away- I have a new appreciation for the telephone and face time)

And, very important was having someone close by to hold tight when it was really needed. I think this helped both of us.
Oh yes, coming along to all the appointments and insuring we “heard correctly” was most helpful.

There are a lot of things that can offer physical, emotional and physical support, i hope some of these will work for you folks.
There is probably no wrong way to support as long as it is viewed in the same way by all parties. (That is a bit of a mechanical statement however!)

Wed, Nov 13 4:00pm · Diagnosis today and feel paralyzed but need to be there for my hubby.. in Pancreatic Cancer

Absolutely, believe that the initial treatments are going to work as they are designed.

As much as you can, try to do things that you both enjoy that will take your minds of what is going on medically, at least for some moments every day.

Wed, Nov 13 1:03pm · Diagnosis today and feel paralyzed but need to be there for my hubby.. in Pancreatic Cancer

Hello @cindy60,
I am not familiar with your husbands potential diagnosis, but want to let you know that I learned first hand there is always room for a lot of hope.

Not panicking and jumping to conclusions is very difficult but is something you should strive for.

Some advice that I received after being diagnosed was to not rely a lot on the information on the intranet.
My Doctor advised that most diagnosis usually impact people in different ways, as a result the information would not likely be accurate in my circumstance. I found this to be true and was thankful we followed her advise.

Does your clinic offer support services such as social, dietary and physical activity programs that you can utilize should you require them?

Mon, Nov 4 8:09am · Waiting for scan results. Is this part of scanxiety? in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hello @azkidney57, I am interested to know how your walk went yesterday.

Did it help to de-stress you?
Knowing the answer to this may help others who have a pet they can use for added comfort.

Have a good week.

Tue, Oct 29 2:43pm · Anxiety due to Cancer in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hello @azkidney57,
What works for me when I wake up in the night, is a meditation app with bedtimes stories. At times, I will also read a book that does not interest me a lot. Both seem to work to stop my mind from racing. If you can get something to work, it will reduce any tiredness you encounter at work due to sleeplessness.

I am glad to hear that you have some friends and family that you find supportive. I found that was supportive prior to my diagnosis, is certainly not the same post diagnosis. In fairness to some, they simply do not understand how a life threatening diagnosis changes us and our priorities.

I will keep my fingers crossed that the results of your scans are in your favour.

Wed, Oct 23 11:53am · Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hello @dee081772, I can relate to the shock of being told you have a life changing disease as I have been through a diagnosis of Large B cell Lymphoma. I would recommend that if possible, you contact your clinic or health care provider to get the information you are looking for. The reason I say this, is that I have personally found that in most instances conditions affect everyone differently. Usually, you’re health care provider is in the best position to provide you with meaningful information specific to you.
If you are looking on line, I would direct you to the Mayo Clinic web site where you can use the search function to get information on many health concerns.
Let us know what steps you are taking as we on connect are here to support each other as best we can.
Is contacting your clinic for this information an option for you?