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7 hours ago · Caring for Mother: She doesn't trust my care. Suggestions? in Caregivers

@jakedduck1 it must be so difficult for you, I’m sorry. Is your Mom on any new medication? Sometimes medications can add to confusion. Ask her doctor if she can use milder pain meds.
Ask about a gerontologist
Get a referral for physical therapy
Focus on safety for both of you
Take care of yourself!
Will you let me know how everything goes this week? Please

1 day ago · Exercise during chemo in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@2onlow8 You seem like you are really taking care of yourself! I do agree with @merpred on ports and swimming pools. As long as there is no needle in the site or tubing coming out, you should be OK. And no dressing on the site. I asked my neurologist about swimming pools as I get chemo drugs for an autoimmune disease. She said I’m totally fine in clean water, but to stay away from hot tubs, etc.
I really admire your energy and your wanting to take the fitness classes! I,also, took a dance class before this disease messed up my balance. What kind of class do you take?

1 day ago · Bladder Cancer in Cancer

@mrbigdog2u Getting that diagnosis must have been a big shock to your system. I think the folks on MayoClinicConnect should be able help. I’m a retired oncology nurse so I have some questions. Has your urologist told you what type of bladder cancer you have or is he/she waiting on pathology reports? Have you had surgery? There are so many kinds of bladder cancer and ways to treat it. Doctors don’t really like to give a prognosis because outcomes are so personal to the patient and type of cancer.
Start a notebook and write a list of questions you have, like: specifically what type of cancer is in my bladder, what treatment are you proposing, do you know of another patient like me that I could talk with, is there a support group, (if chemotherapy) do you have reading material I could have, and other questions I’m sure you’ll come up with.
I’ve never been on a cancer journey, but I had many patients who were. All of them found that keeping a journal was so helpful—everything in one place!
When is your next appointment?

1 day ago · Caring for Mother: She doesn't trust my care. Suggestions? in Caregivers

@jakedduck1 You are trying so hard! A gerontologist can act as a specialist or as a PCP. Good idea to try one. I’m sure that your Mom’s current PCP would welcome some help in treating your Mom. He/she may also recommend so physical therapy to help you and your mom do things safely. She might listen to someone who is hired to help, but you don’t want to do that until she’s had a full evaluation so the best decisions are made.
Why are you thinking of a psychologist? I’m not a doctor. I’m a nurse and I would suggest meeting your Mom’s need for safety comes first. Will you let us know how things go, Leonard? Becky

2 days ago · Caring for Mother: She doesn't trust my care. Suggestions? in Caregivers

@jakedduck1 .your situation sounds tough! And sad because it’s your mother. It’s so difficult when the child becomes the parent. It sounds like your mother is very afraid; afraid of another fall, afraid of losing her independence, afraid of what you’ll think of her, afraid of dying. You might take her to the GP who know her and maybe ask for a referral to a gerontologist. They specialize in the aging process and caring for elderly patients. He/she will better understand what has happened and how the fall has affected your mom.
I agree with @gingerw about having someone else come in so you can get some sleep. That’s so important! You want to keep your humorous personality, we like it!

2 days ago · Plasters in Just Want to Talk

@lotsofpain Haven’t heard from you in awhile—have you been able to stop biting your nails? You haven’t gotten any infections in your fingers or nail beds, I hope. I see that people posted lots of good suggestions for you to try—did you try any? Were they successful?

2 days ago · Undiagnosed and don’t know where to go next in Autoimmune Diseases

@hopeful22350. You asked about treatment for CLIPPERS. The main one is steroids, but it is difficult to use long term. Caused my osteoporosis! Several patients are using rituxan, a chemotherapy drug, which is not yet approved for this. Others use other chemo drugs. Who knows what the future holds!

2 days ago · Undiagnosed Autoimmune?? in Autoimmune Diseases

@amberlynne5 have you decided to go to a university med center? Your rheumatologist can write a referral. Being a human ping pong ball won’t help! Keep in touch, we care.