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6 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@lioness how about these newer, fancy LEGO sets. My grandson loves them!

6 hours ago · Autoimmune rash in Autoimmune Diseases

@killme1980 I’ve been wondering about your rash. Has it changed at all? Have you seen any new doctors and what do they say? Just concerned

1 day ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@parus You sound like such a strong person! Nothing seems to stop you! So what are you making with paper mache?

1 day ago · Music Helps Me in Just Want to Talk

@ethanmcconkey I was just getting ready to put Pavarotti on. I love to play it loud. 😄

1 day ago · Gifts for Caregivers in Caregivers

I’m glad you told your husband the truth @georgette12 . He may have known, deep down, that he was adding to your burden. Have you thought about going to the counselor together? Just sometimes. When I first got sick, my husband would occasionally go with me, partly to support me and to reinforce what the counselor said, but also to learn what he could do to help. Does this sound like something you might do?

1 day ago · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

I’ve been thinking again @formydad . Is it possible for you to reach out to your mother’s friends and enlist their support. They could take your mom to lunch (or anywhere) while you or your siblings watch over your dad. I think she may need a break. And it gives all of you private time to spend with your dad. Could you maybe try and see what works? Becky

1 day ago · Cancer and returning to work in Cancer

How are you doing now @azkidney57 ? I just saw your posting and hope all is going well. Your comments are so positive and helpful? Becky

1 day ago · Music Facilitates Healing in Cancer Education Center

@meganroessler Very nice! It got me thinking about music-it would be so much better than politics! Thank you