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1 day ago · Memorial Day: Sad Thoughts in Just Want to Talk

@funcountess One cemetery in Broomfield, CO, stood by tradition! My husband, retired army, and other members of the Veterans Memorial Museum, put on their masks, identified service members burial plots, and put the flags out! Very important! We really miss all the pomp and circumstance and traditions of the military life. Hope you had a good Memorial Day! Becky

2 days ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hi everyone! To day begins our last “official” week of walking! But us walkers, chocolate eaters, foodies statin users, weight lifters can continue. I’m actually not walking today—it’s raining. Poor excuse, but it works for me! Here’s some motivation! I need it!

2 days ago · Bladder cancer: Is a stoma the same as an ostomy? in Ostomy

@amberpep I really applaud you on your wish/plan to help your friend with her post-op care from a difficult surgery. To help your friend prepare for this surgery, I would suggest that you both do some brainstorming and planning now. Since she is going to JohnsHopkins hospital, you could find out from the hospital if they have a wound clinic. The nurses there are usually certified in caring for ostomies and should be able to help your friend. You might also talk with the home care nurses at the hospital to see what kind of follow up care they can provide. Insurance covers most care so she will want to take advantage of everything!
If her daughter can be there the first week or so, it would be best. Caring for a new stoma can be difficult. The best things you can do for her is cooking, driving, and all the small but important thing to help her feel better.
Do you think you think you can help your friend make these calls?

2 days ago · What causes the loss of mucus membrane? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@learningstudent You posted some lab values several days ago. No one on MayoClinicConnect is a health professional so we’re unable to comment on them, sorry. Have you found anything at UW yet? Just try to get an appointment with a rheumatologist and see if you get any answers. Will that work for you?

3 days ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

To everyone talking about rouvastatin and other statins, please check out this discussion:


They are all discussing pros/cons of statins

4 days ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@fiesty. I’m glad you didn’t fall! Are the shoes new? Do you think the company will replace the?

4 days ago · So sad: Husband has glioma and I feel he is fading away in Brain Tumor

@rosez I’m so glad to hear that the neighbors are helping with meals. It sure can make a difference! About your husband and radiation to the brain. The effects of radiation therapy are cumulative so the fatigue will get harder to deal with. That’s the time you may want to stay near the hospital. If he is extremely tired, you’ll find that you have to do more for him and that will be hard for you. I’d hate for you to get totally worn out. Cyber hug to you!