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Nov 9, 2018 · Alfuzosin and PSA in Prostate Cancer

Thanks @colleenyoung,

My PSA velocity has been worrisome to me. Here's the trend:

06/12/2003 0.9
06/06/2006 0.8
07/27/2007 0.9
02/02/2008 0.9
10/07/2013 1.1
10/13/2015 1.3
10/20/2017 2.2
01/04/2018 1.6
05/09/2018 1.9
08/13/2018 2.7 (after 3 mos on FloMax)
11/05/2018 1.7 (after 3 mos on Afluzosin)

That study is good news for me. If the (rather old) study is correct, the the drug would have no effect on the PSA in cancer patients as the levels continued to rise. It only lowered them in patients with BPH, a common benign problem.

Either way, it seems I have nothing to worry about. Either it has no effect on PSA or it does reduce it but only if you have a benign condition.