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Tue, Oct 22 6:52am · Right-Size Your Home in Charter House

I am in my early 70’s and will be moving in about 9 months with my husband, mentally challenged adult daughter, 2 cats and a dog, from a home we have been in for 48 yrs and raised our 4 children in. We want to downsize both home and garden. We will be moving away from our youngest son and family and will be close to our middle son and wife who will be responsible for our daughter when we can no longer care for her. We plan to move into a mobile home park so that I can have a small flower garden and hopefully find a park that accepts our animals. We will leave a home with 8 rooms and an attached Mother in law apartment, that we rent out.
I have started putting things I don’t need into a box, so I will look to this site to get helpful ideas and ways to make this easier.
Thank you, Emy.

Mon, Oct 21 9:05pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Yes I loose some marbles occasionally also. ( 😳 ) frustrating.

Mon, Oct 21 8:48pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Reply was for JK.

Mon, Oct 21 8:47pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Sorry to hear about your fracture, I can see that would set you back. One of the exercises was for relaxation, as she said being tense could make things worse. I had long suspected that. Also having a lot of fiber in your food is recommended, it seemed to help me to switch from cold cereal to gluten free oatmeal, with fruit and nuts in it. I’m sure I will continue to learn about other foods that will benefit me. It is important to keep up the exercises, and also easy to let it slide for various reasons, I do it myself.
Thanks for writing. Emy.

Thu, Oct 17 10:48pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

This was for JK also. Thanks.

Thu, Oct 17 10:46pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Well today I had my last PFPT and it has gone well. In the past 4 weeks I have had 2 very small bowel incidents, rather than daily. I am so pleased I can hardly believe it. There is so much information included with the therapy, I would recommend it for anyone with bowel incontinence. I’m going to make sure my doctors know about it so they will suggest it to other patients. Thank you for the help you give us. Emy.

Thu, Oct 17 10:10pm · Celiac accidentally glutened in Digestive Health

I have been gluten free for 20+ yrs and have other autoimmune issues. A lot of good advice has already been given, I would just like to mention a medication that I have been on for almost as long, to help with extreme tiredness, it is Modafinil which is primarily for people with Narcolepsy but can also be used for Daytime Sleepiness. This diagnosis was given after a sleep study. I was falling asleep at work so this saved my Career in health care and also my driving ability. It is not a cheap medication and sometimes requires additional information from the doctor to the insurance people if they deny it the first time.
For me it was a life saver.

Sun, Sep 15 4:48pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Yes, I am lactose intolerant and drink almond milk and stay off other dairy, sometimes when the Celiac is under control you can tolerate lactose, but not me. Up until now I have only had one very small incident with my bowels, so I am amazed. Time will tell if it stays that way. I have a lot of exercises to do and I’m sure that must be helping, besides eating high fiber foods I am going to introduce……slowly, flax meal, per PT. I’m just waiting until I get back from NY visiting family, in case it upsets the apple cart.
I also visited my Psychiatrist for Med update and he said “ you do not have dementia “. I do forget a lot of things but I think I need to 1- get more sleep, and 2- try to be more organized and have less fires in the oven.
It’s good to know about the Digestive Advantage, hadn’t heard of it.