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Wed, May 20 10:30pm · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Chris, hope you are doing ok during this pandemic, who would have imagined that we would be going through this. I hope your family has kept well. I have two Grandchildren who graduated from HighSchool, all their senior activities were cancelled. Another came home from college early to finish out the term. My Grandson got a new job and about a month later was laid off, as were all people hired within the past 6 months. Another Granddaughter starts college this fall if everything is back to normal.
Our house is sold and we move out June 12th, we don’t have a place to go to yet, something will workout. My daughter has been home, I took her out of her program before they closed it, now they have opened again but I haven’t sent her back, we still have a number of people in Maine getting diagnosed each day.
Selling the house and going through the inspection was nerve wracking, the first day on the market 3 people came to see it, of course we had to get the 2 cats ,dog, and the three of us out of the house each time. We didn’t spend much time at home that day. The first person bid the highest, over what we were asking and will pay in cash, so that part went well.
We’ve all had our doctor and dentist appointments cancelled and I never did get an appointment to check my memory, I can give them a call again and explain that we are moving, I’m not sure they are even open yet. If it doesn’t get done I’ll have to start all over again in NY……..find a PCP, get a referral and wait again.
My husband and I have had a stressful time with each other, a lot of work to get done on the house and yard, he has a problem with the muscle on his hip replacement pulling away from the bone. Will probably have to have surgery again to reattach it. This has all made him quite irritable and he continues to get impatient with me when I don’t remember things he’s told me. “You don’t listen to me “ which is upsetting to me. But I get through each day with a little help from my friends and mostly thru God
My last brother in Australia has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor, is 85 but otherwise in good health, he says they are a little reluctant to do surgery because of his age so I don’t know yet what they will do.
My flowers seem to be extra pretty this year so I’ve been enjoying them, we’ve had some nice warm days, the birds are all back and singing happily so all is not lost.
Sorry this letter hasn’t been uplifting, I hope that you too are enjoying the Spring and warmer weather, sunny days help a lot.
Stay safe, Sarah.

Sun, Apr 12 7:00am · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Chris, I also am laughing to myself, “I hope you are adapting to the refreshing nature of Spring “. Are you kidding, we just had 8” of snow ! Actually we could see signs of Spring before the snow covered it up and they will be there when the snow melts.

I am an animal lover, having at present to cats and a rescue dog Molly, 3yrs old.
I am originally from England and have a brother in Queensland Australia.

Actually I think this time of isolation makes things a little easier on the memory, because I don’t have to remember to go anywhere. The exception was a chiropractic appointment which I forgot, but they they were able to fit me in later that day.

My husband does help with our daughter, but being female the majority of it falls to me.
Our house sale has been postponed till the beginning of May and we’ll reassess then.
I was thinking yesterday about the running of the household in our new home and setting up an equalizing of responsibilities but we haven’t talked about it yet.

Next on my list of things to do is to find my credit card and bank card and the paperwork that I need to send out for my daughters medical care in NY. I’ve been looking for a week now.
How is this restricted time period for you, is it easier or harder ? What are the main problems your memory causes for you ? Right now, for myself I’d say appointments, when I have them, and loosing things.
What I do for myself is get up around 6am and enjoy an hour or so to myself while everyone is in bed. I’m reading again a book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”
They are up now so it’s time to eat breakfast.

Thank you for writing, enjoy your beautiful State and a quieter time.

Fri, Apr 3 10:32am · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Debbra, I thought it was very interesting and uplifting, thank you for the link.
Virginia mentioned having nightmares which I have experienced in the last year but never thought there was any connection with MCI , do you think it’s coincidental or have you heard that others experience this. I signed up for her blogs which maybe I did before, because I got a few emails from her but didn’t recall who she was and didn’t reply.
Have a good day,

Fri, Apr 3 10:21am · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Chris, Being on lock down ( as I call it ) is hard, especially for our mentally handicapped daughter who usually would be at program each workday, it’s challenging to try and keep her occupied for part of the day and work on the house at the same time, especially when I can’t take her anywhere.
Last night while cooking supper I put our dinner plates on the back burner to warm up from the oven vent and was cooking mushrooms on the front burner. All of a sudden the bottom plate exploded all over the place, and my mushrooms weren’t cooking. You guessed it.
I’m worried about my son and his wife who live in NY. It’s turning out that the virus is easier to catch than we first thought. I know everyone has the same worries and I feel bad for everyone. My sister in law in Spain sends funny videos which help, and I pass them on.
How are you doing, I wish my husband could go fishing for a while.
Thank you for your company.

Thu, Apr 2 8:52am · Living with arthritis: How do you stay active? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I also use this for nighttime pain in a knee replacement, as I am not able to take Ibuprofen like meds. It is quite effective. Some insurance company's have to have extra justification for it from your doctor, which if they would put the reason that you can’t use ibuprofen, would avoid delays. Does anyone else with a knee replacement have no pain during the day, but bad pain at night when trying to move that leg. Seems odd to me.

Thu, Mar 26 11:28am · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Chris, thank you for your thoughtful message. I had just about finished a message to you when my iPad said “emergency iPad too hot “ and turned itself off. So I put it in the refrigerator for a little while to cool it down. I had been sitting with it on my lap with the sun shinning through the window onto my pad. First time that’s happened. So I’ll start again.. I’m trying to meet with a clinician but it’s a long process and now everything is cancelled because of the COVID 19. I will take my meds and get a diagnosis if I can get in there before we move. Structure in my life is nonexistent at the moment, each room has been torn apart to redecorate and to pack some things away. We still have quite a bit to do, outside also. I do have a calendar on my refrigerator and on my phone, I don’t always remember to check it. I get up at 6am each morning, an hour before my daughter gets up and then my husband. I enjoy the quiet time to have my tea and read the news on my tablet. I even try not to wake the cats and dog up. One of my cats is demanding as soon as he wakes up. I also have a daily bible reading I do.
It would be good for my husband to learn something about MCI, we do usually include each other in decision making, but I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, while he tells me so much about everything it boggles my mind. You say he “may be more invested in the outcome “. I don’t think either of us know the outcome or how to achieve it. When you say “ step by step “ it reminds me of a very funny old movie called “Baby steps.”
Have a good day, 🍷 here’s to our memories.

Thu, Mar 26 10:18am · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

To answer your questions, I am the one with the main memory problems. As for stresses with home sale, we have repainted and replaced all floor molding because we had wood floors installed a year ago and it had all been removed. I’m trying to downsize which is difficult. Now with being sick and quarantined for two weeks we have put off the date of home sale. In 2-3 weeks we’ll look at the COVID 19 situation and see where we are. Moving to NY as sick as it is, is probably just as well. Our tenant moved out today, she is also a good friend so we will miss her, my dog and our daughter will miss her even more.
My daughter Kim lives for her 6 days at Pinetree Camp for handicapped children and adults. It won’t be happening now. I have two Grandchildren graduating High School this Spring, that won’t happen either, I feel bad for them. My latest oops was finding the left over corn in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator.. Stay well all of you and have a good day.

Sat, Mar 21 5:59am · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

I don’t think he understands at all and I haven’t wanted to push the issue , right now we have so many stresses that take up our time trying to get the house ready for sale, we took our daughter out of her program due to COVID 19, our married sons all have their own stressors due to the virus and work, just like everyone else. At least I don’t have to remember all our Dr. Appointments right now.