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2 days ago · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Yes, I am lactose intolerant and drink almond milk and stay off other dairy, sometimes when the Celiac is under control you can tolerate lactose, but not me. Up until now I have only had one very small incident with my bowels, so I am amazed. Time will tell if it stays that way. I have a lot of exercises to do and I’m sure that must be helping, besides eating high fiber foods I am going to introduce……slowly, flax meal, per PT. I’m just waiting until I get back from NY visiting family, in case it upsets the apple cart.
I also visited my Psychiatrist for Med update and he said “ you do not have dementia “. I do forget a lot of things but I think I need to 1- get more sleep, and 2- try to be more organized and have less fires in the oven.
It’s good to know about the Digestive Advantage, hadn’t heard of it.

Tue, Sep 10 8:06am · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

No, not at all. I probably structured my sentence improperly. 🧐

Mon, Sep 9 6:56pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

@ jackiem95
Well I’m back, and I don’t understand what has happened but from the day I left on vacation on until now, I have not had one incident of incontinence. I don’t know if it was the iron I was taking, but previously I had problems even when constipated. I have had my third visit for Pelvic Floor Therapy, I don’t know if the exercises helped enough, it seems too short a time to be that effective, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.
Before leaving for my vacation, my therapist at the Dr.s office suggested that I might have mild cognitive problems, even saying that the quicker it’s treated the better the outcome. I asked my friend what she thought and she said she had been thinking the same thing. She asked me if I was upset about it. I said “ no because I don’t really believe it.
My sister-in-law said she noticed a difference but thought it was because of my antidepressant which was recently increased.
I am very forgetful which causes a lot of inconveniences. Tomorrow I go back to the therapist and will ask him what he based his suggestion on. On Wednesday I see my psychiatrist and will tell him about this and see what he thinks. In the meantime I wanted to go on the MCI group to see if others problems matched up with mine at all. I am a very busy person and have a lot on my mind with sick friends, and family to keep up with, including our handicapped daughter who lives with us. So I’m wondering if I could join that group.
Thanks for your time and the work that you do. Emi.

Mon, Sep 2 3:07pm · Sphincter exercises in Digestive Health

I agree with you that anyone can benefit from the info received in PT, even little children who get put on a toilet and their feet don’t even touch the ground.
I didn’t get the info to sit up straight, so thank you for that. I was told that you shouldn’t be pushing at all because it can cause other problems like a prolapsed bladder , which I’ve already had repaired a while ago.
Our life style makes it more difficult because we always have somewhere we need to be, and if we don’t go before we leave, we may not be able to use a BR. when we do need it. Therefore we try our hardest to relieve ourselves before we’re really ready.
If I hadn’t joined this discussion group I would not have known anything about Pelvic Floor rehab, so I’m thankful for all the info.

Sun, Sep 1 10:36pm · Sphincter exercises in Digestive Health

I knew about the squatty potty, my son and wife have one. I elected to get a folding step stool as elle1233 mentioned. We’ll see how it works. I’ve got to go and add up my fiber intake for today 🤔

Sat, Aug 31 1:44pm · Sphincter exercises in Digestive Health

I just had my second visit to the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, they not only do the bio feedback, but a lot of other valuable info. Such as using a stool when on the toilet to put you in a natural position for a BM. Also a massage treatment you can do yourself when your constipated to help move the stool along. I was given lists of foods with amounts of fiber per serving, and how to slowly increase it. They will answer many questions you may have. It’s all information that everyone should have for a healthy digestive system. They stress not straining to have a BM as it can cause other complications, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more.

Tue, Aug 27 3:14pm · HABIT in the News: See the Story on Us in AARP Magazine! in Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

I live to far away from Mayo Clinic. Are there any programs you know of in Maine?

Mon, Aug 12 5:10am · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

@jackiem95. Hi this is Emy, I wrote a note yesterday but don’t know what happened to it. Just to say I had my first evaluation for Pelvic Floor PT. I will continue with treatment after I return from Spain. I am taking Iron pills as my count was down, and am using that about every other day to keep my stool solid, it seems to be a happy medium. So I am doing well but still take precautions. I have had to increase my antidepressant and anti anxiety meds as all of this, and my vacation coming up was overwhelming.
Thanks , Emy.