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6 days ago · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

In reply to jackiem95. I have been diagnosed with Celiac, IBS, and Microscopic Colitis, in that order, with a few yrs in between. I’ve had the diagnosis for many yrs, but the incontinence only for a couple of yrs. so I know why the diarrhea and constipation happpen, and I’ve been told that my rectal muscles are weak. But no one ever suggested anything I could do about it until I joined the digestive discussion. I’ve noticed that those who have had the PFPT say it has helped “somewhat “ so what are the odds of having it take care of the problem entirely. Would that be expecting too much, especially at me age ? My blood work shows that the Celiac is well under control, I’m strict with my diet. As for the other two diagnoses there’s not a simple answer.
Thank you for replying, I know everyone is different, so there’s no guarantee.

Sat, Jul 13 11:31am · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Hi Jackie, this is @emyliander, I have been referred finally by my GP for Pelvic PT, that was a week ago and I haven’t heard from them so on Monday I will call my GP and get their # . In the meantime I get emails from Harvard Health Medical and I just received an invitation to purchase an e-book on urinary and fecal incontinence, with up to date info on treatments and meds to help this problem. The cost is $18.00. I’m wondering if anyone else has purchased this and if you think it’s a reputable deal. Thanks for any info you can give me. Emy.

Sun, Jun 30 7:04pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

I didn’t make myself clear. It was my GP that hadn’t heard of Pelvic Floor PT. I still would have expected her to know about it though. I guess if she doesn’t know about it, it would be hard to make the decision as to whether it is nessasary. They could make a decision that it’s not, but not nessasarily be right. I’ll have to wait and see.

Sun, Jun 30 4:10pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

I have been reluctant to ask my family doctor for a consult with a Urogynecologist, I eventually called. Her nurse called back and said the doctor had never heard of Pelvic Floor PT. The nurse however had looked it up and showed it to the doc. She told the nurse to call my Gastroenterologist to ask if it was something he would recommend for me. So now I have to wait to hear the result. Meanwhile I am wondering how I’m going to make out traveling to Spain in August. On a 7 hr flight and traveling and going to beaches.

Sat, Jun 15 9:54pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

@contentandwell , hello, we are lucky we don’t live in the 1800’s when they didn’t have disposable pants and pads, sometimes, no indoor plumbing. Always something to be thankful for. Good luck with the cabin. Emy.

Sat, Jun 15 9:46pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

@mlmcg, thank you, I never knew so many people had the same problems, my best wishes are with you all. Emy

Fri, Jun 14 4:42pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Hi JK, we do have a Urogynecologist here in Maine, one in Lewiston, and in Portland. That’s a lot of liquids to drink, it must be tiring to get up so many times a night, but at least you do wake up. Thank you for writing, I’ll keep all informed when I make any progress.

Fri, Jun 14 4:23pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Hi @hopeful33250, no I don’t have more problems when I’m tired. Because it was mentioned that weak muscles are difficult to fix, I’m not sure I can be helped, but I will call my MD Monday for a referral, I’ll probably have to go see her first. The only time I have a problem with urine incontinence is if I have a drink in the evening, I end up having a dream that I am out somewhere desperately looking for a bathroom and can’t find one. When I do finally find one, I sit down and with great relief go to the bathroom. That’s when I wake up in a wet bed. It’s happened about five times so now I wear disposable briefs to bed.
I will let everyone know when I have an appointment. Thanks for your help and encouragement. I don’t like to talk to my friends much about this.