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Nov 2, 2018 · What foods to eat when you have high blood pressure & enlarged Aorta? in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Guys. I just want to tell you what I juice. Wash all these items.
Half large beet (leaves and all)
1 Kiwi
Half large carrot or one whole med carrot
1 celery stalk
10-12 red grapes

Juice these and drink up right away. I don't add any water. This was a few minutes ago today.
153/83 @ 5:08 PM
130/79 @ 6:15 PM
This always works for me. Plus I do ride a bicycle too. Sprint about 2 miles as fast as I can ride. And it drops right down. Some days I toodle about 3-6 miles and it drops down too.
Hope that this helps others wanting to try to get off the Rx.