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Feb 14, 2019 · How well is pain controlled after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I had my knees replaced 3 months apart. I was shocked at how very different my pain level was with each. Totally different. I had NO post surgical pain with the first one. I never even felt a thing when the blocks wore off. I stayed ahead of expected pain with Tramadol, but soon realized I didn't need. Tolerable pain with rehab exercise and movement. I do have a high pain tolerance. Second knee I took almost entire Rx of 30 narcotic and was so glad I had it at the ready. Severe pain for first week or so and it took me about twice as long to rehab as the first. It is now at 4 months post surg and I have turned the corner. Pain not problem, but stiffness persists that I did not have with first knee. I am now strong enough to walk thru the stiffness without limping, which was my main problem. I was very dedicated to my rehab and did an hour at the PT gym everyday for three months with both surgeries.

Jan 16, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

In regard to your "setback": I had first knee done 6 mos ago during summer warm weather. I live in cold winter climate. My other knee was done in October. I have much slower rehab progress with the second one in that I have severe stiffness. I have great strength and great flex, but it is so stiff that my gait is not back to normal like it was at 6 weeks with the one done in the summer. I do water exercise and within 15 minutes out of the warm water it stiffens right back up. I can warm it up on bike as well, but stiff again soon. My doctor warned me that winter would be more difficult at my 6 week check in November. Boy was he right! Might this be your problem as well?

Jan 7, 2019 · Having knee replacement: how to prepare and questions about PT in Joint Replacements

Also, shower chair is very valuable. To hang one leg out straight at first and then later before you get balance back. It would be awful to fall on new knee. I live in rotten winter weather and got handicap permit asap. Again, don't want to fall. You will be icing a lot! If you can rent or borrow one of the polar ice machines it is just wonderful. Later for occasional use you can use freezable packs. You can get heavy duty ones on Amazon for very reasonable price. I still use daily after exercise at 11 weeks out. I had first knee done in summer and second in October — the pain and recovery period where totally different for each. I think previous response is generally optimistic for being off walking aids so soon. Every knee is different and my second one has been so much more difficult than the first. You will need to pace yourself depending on your particular recovery experience. Your Dr and PT will also advise you. I would not have even thought of exercising on the floor. My "good" knee was bone on bone during the recovery of the first and now they are both still rehabbing. I could never have gotten back up! Be prepared for a lengthy rehab time frame. If you luck out and it progresses faster that will be wonderful. I was amazed at how different the knees did with same surgeon, same PT, same everything. All the best with your replacement!

Nov 19, 2018 · SOS! How to protect scars/prevent painful rubbing! TKR in Joint Replacements

Did your Dr prescribe Gabapentin? It is for nerve pain, which it sounds like you have. My Doc has me on it for 6 weeks post op.

Nov 17, 2018 · What does it feel like to walk on an artificial knee? in Joint Replacements

Synvisc and Celebrex helped me while I still had some cartilage. Bought me about 5 years. Altho I still had pain. I had TKA of first knee in July and the other 4 weeks ago. I wanted to put this behind me as quickly as possible and minimize my deductible. Both knees were bone on bone. You probably know that when OA is this advanced the bones develop "spurs" and other problems with shape and function. This can cause more pain, gait problems, etc. It really must be addressed to ensure "being in great shape, very active, and able to work as long as you would like". I investigated PRP and stem cells before my surgeries. Unfortunately, they are not at the stage of having good clinical studies yet. Both my husband and I have worked in health care all our careers and just couldn't accept a treatment without good research behind it. If you feel that you can wait another 4-5 years the jury will probably be in. In the shorter run it is a gamble as to efficacy. You probably know it is not covered by insurance and is quite expensive ( I was quoted about $11K for both knees). Please do your due diligence if you go this route as there are many poorly trained practitioners out there offering it as it is very lucrative for them. I am aware of Mayo clinic starting some studies. Regennex is company that trains well and seems to be a leader in the field. They also have some tracking/result reporting which is certainly better than most. My local clinic only offered anecdotal reporting which is pretty worthless.

The bone cutting should be the least of your worries. This surgery has really been perfected over the years and generally people have excellent results.
Most of the "cutting" is getting rid of the problems I alluded to above. Find a surgeon with a good history who does lots of knees. I waited three months to have the best ortho in my area do my surgery. The surgery takes less than an hour. I was shocked that I had no post surgical pain with first knee. They give you lots of non narcotic meds now. I did have some pain with the second, probably because I wasn't expecting any and didn't take anything till it was bad. That was a problem for just a few days.

Yes you have to "deal with" therapy. You actually do most of the exercise yourself at home. Since you are in great shape you most likely already commit time to exercise. Depending on your job, you could probably go back full time at a month. I was seated a lot of time and could go back at 4 weeks. It would be easy to work from home if that is an option. Scars are scars — better than pain. They fade a lot over time. Mine are 6 inches long (again great strides have been made perfecting this surgery.)

So, just my lengthy 2 cents worth from someone whose been there recently. Hope you find the course that works for you. All the best. Kay 62yo

PS: Walking on artificial knee ( at 10-12 weeks post replacement ) felt the same as my natural knee without the pain of arthritis.

Nov 3, 2018 · Hand osteoarthritis with mucous cysts in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Believe the actual term is "synovial cyst", variety of other names as well. Related to osteoarthritis in the finger joints. I was diagnosed by dermatologist who did steroid injection X2 which did not work long term. Referred to hand surgeon who did surgery for permanent resolution. He informed me it is rare for them to return after surgical treatment. I feel my arthritis pain is now worse in this joint, I had to go off Celebrex prior to knee replacement several weeks ago and the finger joint was awful.

Nov 3, 2018 · Trouble sleeping after TKR in Joint Replacements

What is "Salon Pas patch"?

Nov 3, 2018 · Trouble sleeping after TKR in Joint Replacements

I had my first knee done in July and am out 11 days with my second. Difficulty sleeping is a common problem. Just a couple common sense suggestions that have seemed to help. Try to not take long naps during day or if you must plan in late morning or early afternoon. Keep a simple snack at your bedside (I use bananas) so you can easily put something in your stomach which sometimes helps with sleep. Occasionally I do move to a lounge chair and try to sleep sitting up for several hours. Have everything set up to move there before you go to bed so it involves little effort in the middle of the night. This change of position sometimes helps. It does get better over time as I found with my first knee that is know 4 months old and doing great. I'm going to try the Melatonin suggestion.