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3 days ago · CRPS in Chronic Pain

I am asking for a friend who has a lot of female problems. She has familial hemiplegic migraines (inherited migraines that mimic stroke symptoms). Also has endometriosis, fibromyalgia, seizures, and abdominal migraines. She is on a lot of opioid pain meds that in my opinion are making things worse. I want to help her, but don't know how. She has had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and kept 1 ovary.

Mon, Aug 12 12:23pm · GI Disorder and Internal Shaking in Digestive Health

Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, runs in my family. It is not the kind associated with diabetes, but is called Reactive Hypoglycemia. It could be considered a food allergy. Certain foods cause the blood sugar to plummet suddenly, leaving you feeling shaky and trembly inside. Eating sugary foods makes it worse (this is why it is not associated with diabetes). My mother and an aunt have it and I have it to a degree. We've learned to eat a combination of carb. and protein (like cheese and crackers) when a spell is occuring. My mother has fainted several times because it got too low, too fast and wasn't able to get to her cheese and crackers. However her blood sugar is always normal, but probably because it is checked when she isn't having a spell.
If she gets too hungry (like fasting for a drs checkup) she has problems, but also certain foods seem to trigger it–often fruits.
Since being Celiac 2 years ago, and now gluten free, I haven't had problems. I wonder if it was related?

Mon, Aug 5 12:30pm · Best diet for Celiac recovery, aside from being gluten-free in Digestive Health

Before I found out about being possible Celiac, I found out I had endometriosis. I had had symptoms all my life (heavy cycles, severe abdominal pain and both got worse as I got older). After 20+ years I was diagnosed. but until then it was pure agony. My cycles were out of control. I would be starving hungry, but after a few bites I would get nauseated and start hurting. Turned out I had a large ovarian cyst consisting of endometriosis. It took years to find out, in part because diagnosing endometriosis involves surgery. Endometriosis causes estrogen dominance, because it feeds off of estrogen and often produces its own supply, plus the body makes its own also. So the body is getting a double dose of estrogen. Perhaps your daughter should see a gynecologist.
I have heard, but don't know if it is true or not, that people with Celiac Disease (which is autoimmune) tend to have other autoimmune diseases. I know 3 celiac friends and two also have endometriosis, but the other has only Celiac. So perhaps someone who specializes in autoimmune diseases would help.

Wed, Jul 31 12:27pm · Best diet for Celiac recovery, aside from being gluten-free in Digestive Health

Sorry for the rather long response. I have a very strong possibility of being Celiac. Originally I went gluten free for another condition and was desperate to try anything to stop it. I (and others) noticed I started gaining weight (I've been underweight all my life) and my energy returned. After being gluten free for 2 years, I decided I wanted to be tested for Celiac. However, a person must be on gluten for an accurate test, and I was not on gluten, but got tested anyway. I had at least 2 strikes against me: (1) I have the genes (2) I have the blood line. My Dr. told me he had noticed the Irish tend to get it more, and I'm 3/4 Irish. Not to mention all of the GI symptoms that had gone undiagnosed since my teens.
This past spring I decided I wanted an accurate Celiac test, and with dr. approval, was told to go back on gluten for 2 weeks. After 1 1/2 days I lost all my energy and by day 3 the pain returned. So I decided it was not worth it and went back on gluten free. I consider myself Celiac, although I will never know for sure. But I have most/all of the signs. Gluten definitely bothers me.

I also discovered a few years ago that oats bother me, even those labeled gluten free.They are often processed on equipment that handles wheat items too (cross-contamination). My gluten free magazine ("Simply Gluten Free"), recommended I try Purity Protocol oats. They are organic (no pesticides) and grown in fields reserved only for oats and processed on equipment only for oats.
I've tried the enzymatic peptides that are supposed to help if you get accidentally glutened, but it did not work at all.

Gluten can hide in many places (soy sauce, soups, gravies, medicines, even candy). If your daughter is eating cross-contaminated foods (using shared equipment or shared cooking utensils), or eating hidden gluten, it could cause problems. Also there is something called FODMAP. I don't know what it is, but certain foods (like apples) contain items that can cause problems. I have been told by 2 doctors to eat my fruits and veggies cooked. They contain natural estrogen in varying degrees, and I cannot have estrogen. Cooking them kills the estrogen.

Tue, Jul 30 12:22pm · Hot Flashes in Women's Health

No, I have not tried that flavor of tea. I have not seen it in stores.
ALso I've found out the hard way that turmeric and endometriosis don't mix. I had a ham sandwich once with mustard (which has turmeric), and got very sick.
Later I researched turmeric on WebMD and it said not to take turmeric if you have hormone sensitive diseases like endometriosis. I don't know why it is not good for endometriosis, but I learned the hard way.

Mon, Jul 29 12:29pm · Hot Flashes in Women's Health

I drank green tea for other reasons, originally. My job is cold and I drank hot green tea to warm me up a bit. At that time I was having major hot flashes, night sweats, etc. I did notice after I drank it in the afternoon, I did not have any hot flashes for the rest of the day. Then after several months, I wrote a friend and she recommended green tea. I had already been drinking it for several months with no improvements(for all day), although I did notice improvements in the endometriosis. It took probably a year before I noticed a real change. I don't know if the tea really finally took hold, or if it would have happened anyway..

Fri, Jul 26 12:31pm · Hot Flashes in Women's Health

There was a relative, that when she was in her early 80's, started having strong hot flashes, mainly at night. Once she was traveling and started having hot flashes, but she also suddenly couldn't talk, but she could think and was aware of her surroundings. Turned out she was having small seizures (not grand mal) and the hot flashes was a symptom. It took several years for it to progress to that point. Now that she's been on antiseizure medicine, she has not had any more hot flashes. (Once she took herself off of the medicine-without dr. approval-because she didn't think she was having seizures. After 2-3 days and the hot flashes returned and she started feeling out of sorts. So she went back on and has stayed on it, and been fine since).

Also I am in surgical menopause due to endometriosis and I get pretty intense hot flashes. I cannot take estrogen because endometriosis feeds off estrogen. But there is an herbal supplement specifically for women who can't take hormones. It is called Pycnogenol. Ask your dr about that and see if it is ok for you. ( I tried it and after 2 weeks, it started bothering me and had to stop). However I do try Green Tea and it seems to work. I use the decaf. version but there is caffeinated also. It worked so gradual that it took some time (over a year) before I started noticing a difference. That was recommended to me by a friend. And I'm a tea lover anyway.

Wed, Jul 24 12:36pm · Problems After Hysterectomy in Women's Health

I think it was Silver Nitrate, but only 80% sure of that. I know that it is kind of greyish. It was on an applicator stick, and the container looked exactly like what I saw on the computer when I researched. My Dad used a cream form of it once to help heal a wound. The following quote does say that it can be used to cauterize, and since I was not anesthetized, this would be the only way to cauterize an endometrial breakthrough. It did not say that it stopped pain, but it makes since to stop endometriosis, you will stop pain too. "Silver Nitrate is an inorganic chemical with antiseptic activity. Silver nitrate can potentially be used as a cauterizing or sclerosing agent."