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Oct 16, 2019 · Celiac Disease (refractory type) in Digestive Health

Hello, I am a possible Celiac. I went gluten free f5 yrs ago for another problem. Felt so much better that I decided to get tested for celiac, not realizing that one must be on gluten for an accurate test. I did test positive though in 2 out of 3 areas. I too cannot do oats until last year when my gluten free magazine recommended Purity Protocol type of oats. They are grown in fields reserved for oats only and harvested/processed with equipment reserved for oats only, and they are organic (no pesticides). I have never found Purity Protocol oats in stores, so I order online. I can now enjoy oats again. Most oats say they are gluten free (they are naturally gluten free) but they still make me sick. They must be Purity Protocol.

Oct 5, 2019 · Gluten-free diet in Digestive Health

Because corn tortillas are used in most true Mexican restaurants (not always Tex-Mex style). The ones i eat at say what tortillas they use for the items and those are the ones I get. Tacos are always corn tortillas, flautos are corn tortilllas, enchiladas often (not always). I eat at them often enough that I've learned what dishes are made with what tortillas And they always come with refried beans and rice (both are always safe no matter where I eat). I never eat the chips and salsa appetizer because i don't want to ruin my appetite for the main meals. I'm talking about the sit-down style of Mexican restaurants being more trustworthy than the fast food style.

Oct 3, 2019 · Gluten-free diet in Digestive Health

It does get easier over time, but I don't think I will ever get over the jitters whenever I eat out (unless it is a trusted restaurant) or when I eat at a friends. The first time I ate at a friends, was a lady who loved to cook and who knew I was gluten free. To make it easier for her, I brought my ingredients for her to use. For whatever reason, she did not want to use my ingredients, she bought her own. They were gluten free, but they also had flax in them, and flax makes me just as sick as gluten. Needless to say, her food did not go over well with me. Now I've learned to eat a bit before going to a friend's house, then I can say "I'm not very hungry."
Another time, I was going to travel. I did my research and picked restaurants that advertised they were gluten free or had a gluten free menu on their websites. However, when I arrived I found out that one of the restaurants was not really gluten free. Needless to say I was mad and they lost my business. My most trusted restaurants are any Mexican restaurant (and the South is full of them), plus Jasons Deli and certain foods at Chick-fil-a. They are my trusted ones that I've never had problems with.

Oct 2, 2019 · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

When I am in severe pain, all I can do is lie down and listen to music. I make sure it is music I know because eventually it calms me down and I find myself singing/humming along with it (it takes awhile but it does work).
If the pain isn't too bad, I try to do my hobby of cross-stitching. If I can't concentrate that much then it is TV time or reading.

Sep 27, 2019 · 14 year old daughter and undiagnosed GI pain in Digestive Health

Any female who is old enough to have her periods is old enough to need an ob/gyn. The ob/gyn who won't see her due to her age should not be considered as a doctor for her. Drop him! He doesn't want to help.
When I was having problems with what turned out to be endometriosis, medical doctors couldn't seem to find anything wrong, but my primary care, who is an osteopath (medical dr and dr. that uses natural treatments) was the one who found it. She also was the one who discovered the breakthrough last year. I've learned that taking pain meds before the pain hits worked better than trying to fight it until its too late (I'm a fighter). I used OTC pain meds though.
Also have read that prescription pain meds. stop working after awhile, because the body is determined to send the pain signal through, so it makes it stronger so that it overrides the medicine. That means more pain meds. are needed until eventually the pain meds. stop working completely.

Sep 23, 2019 · lowering cholesterol naturally in Digestive Health

My cholesterol is about 10-20 points too high. So far the dr isn't doing anything to lower it, but I feel I should start lowering it naturally. However there are a few problems. (1) I am gluten free–possible celiac. I don't know if gluten free snacks can raise cholesterol or not. (2) I also have endometriosis on my intestines. both my primary and my ob/gyn have told me not to eat raw fruits or veggies. The fiber is too harsh for me. But I have no problems with my stools anyway. So how can I lower my cholesterol since I cannot eat raw fruits or veggies?
I do exercise. My office job usually requires a lot of walking and/or stairs and I also do about 20 mins walking at home. I do use an asthma inhaler and take other allergy prescription drugs-Nasonex and Singulair.

Sep 17, 2019 · 14 year old daughter and undiagnosed GI pain in Digestive Health

Your daughter does not need a psychiatrist. He will only prescribe antidepressants that have the side effects of suicidal thoughts. And we don't want that! Doctors think that teens, especially young teens, are not able to get endometriosis. Yet I have several friends who have had it since their first cycle (about age 12 or so). In the beginning, Endometriosis forms implants anywhere in the body, but mainly in the abdomen and pelvic area. The implants start small and usually cannot be seen except through laparoscopic surgery. As it builds though it can form cysts. Endo. causes excruciating pain, especially if it is on/near nerves.
Has your daughter been tested for celiac disease? It is a blood test. Is your daughter seeing an ob/gyn at all? or just a GI doctor.

Sep 11, 2019 · 14 year old daughter and undiagnosed GI pain in Digestive Health

Well, part of the 27 yrs was my fault. For about 10-11 yrs I thought having heavy, painful cycles was normal because that's what I'd been told. It was in my early 30's that I realized that kind of pain was not normal. I also did not know what kind of dr. to go to. I went to my primary, thinking he'd tell me, but he didn't.
I can still have flare ups of the endometriosis, but the pain isn't anywhere close to what it used to be. The pain can now be controlled and I haven't had a flare up for 6 mths. I had a breakthrough late last year.