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Sat, May 2 9:34am · Not so sure it's IBS in Digestive Health

You may not have celiac disease but you could still be nonceliac gluten sensitivity. I am very gluten sensitive, but do not have celiac (I do have the genes and Irish bloodline, but not the antibodies. My dr has told me that he has noticed celiac is more common in the Irish, and I am half Irish). Anyway, you could still be gluten sensitive without being celiac. Try a gluten free diet for a month and see what happens. It would mean gluten free bread, bread items, pasta, cereal and anything that is normally made with wheat will need to be gluten free.
There was a coworker who kept having loose stools and everything checked out normal. Finally she went on a gluten free diet and it helped her. She was not celiac either, but was apparently gluten sensitive.

Tue, Apr 28 12:31pm · Is it Diverticulitis or IBS? in Digestive Health

Are you taking iron, or a multivitamin with iron? That could account for the odor. If it has been only 6 weeks since the gall bladder surgery, you may need more time to heal. Your insides are still bruised and sore. And when you have to go, the pressure you use could be pressing up against the area of surgery.
Also be careful what you eat. I knew a lady that had gall bladder surgery and for nearly a month afterwards, everytime she ate any type of protein food (meat, eggs, beans, etc) she would get very sick. Her body wasn't up to heavy foods yet. So that could be a reason that you hurt when you go to the restroom. Heavy foods might not be digesting well and causing soreness down there and could be attributing to constipation. Try eating more fruits and veggies and see if it helps.

Sun, Apr 26 3:24pm · Reoccurring sicknesses in Women's Health

I tend to get strep easily when I was a child and even into my 30's. I was teased that I manufactured it. However it turned out that my teeth needed to be deep cleaned (the roots were harboring germs). Once I got my teeth deep cleaned I stopped getting strep.
However I also know another girl who said she kept getting mysterious illnesses. She never said what kind though. Turned out she had celiac. I am assuming her mysterious illnesses were digestive, but I don't know for sure.

Wed, Apr 22 12:46pm · GI Disorder and Internal Shaking in Digestive Health

There is something called Reactive Hypoglycemia, and it runs in my family. My mother and aunt have it the worst of anyone. Mom often says she feels trembly inside when it is coming on. I think it might be a type of food allergy because it happens often after eating. One time her blood sugar dropped so low so fast after eating lunch, that she fainted.
Also I have endometriosis, and while it does not cause trembling, it does cause serious abdominal pain and gas for me. Unfortunately it will not show up on ultrasounds unless it has formed cysts. Mine had formed cysts. Laparoscopic/robotic surgery is the only way to find it for sure. Have you tried an ob/gyn.? One of my symptoms (other than a ton of gas) before it was found, was severe headaches that felt like my left eye was being gouged out without anesthesia. Endometriosis is when the uterine lining leaks out and forms on other organs (mine was on both ovaries, intestines, and possibly bladder). Whenever the monthly cycle occurs, these implants will behave like a normal uterus and bleeds, but the bleeding has no where to go except within the abdomen, so it spreads.

Wed, Apr 22 12:36pm · Non Specific chronic Inflamation of the Colon in Digestive Health

It could be your diet or even medicines. Keep a pain diary for several months of everything you eat or drink, and medicines you take. you can research medicinal side effects too and see if they cause any colon problems. Some foods like sugary items, anything with caffine )coffee, some teas, soda, chocolate can cause or worsen inflammation.

Mon, Apr 6 12:35pm · Gluten-free diet in Digestive Health

With my family and friends, I just told them point blank. With friends that are having me over for food (meal or snacks) I bring the ingredients for whatever they are going to make. Although I did that with one friend, and she went out and bought gluten free supplies anyway. I got sick because her supplies had other ingredients that I couldn't eat.
With restaurants, I research and then when I arrive I talk to the server personally. They are usually willing. I did have one restaurant that advertised as being gluten free but in reality they weren't. The waitress admitted, so I didn't eat there.

I have one question. I have some xanthan gum that is about 5 years old. It is beginning to smell like vinegar. Is it still good?

Wed, Mar 18 9:29am · I'm having multiple odd episodes that are keeping me undiagnosed. Help in Brain & Nervous System

You may have several things. You may have POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). The heart is not strong enough to pump blood to the extremeties when you stand or sit, but lying down helps. (episode 3)
You may also have low thyroid and a symptom of that is sensitive to cold. (episode 1)
You may also have celiac disease and that's why you are often constipated and have yellowish stools. Both can be symptoms of celiac disease. (episode 5) Have you tried the elimination diet to see if food bothers you? With celiac it is wheat/gluten.

Fri, Mar 13 12:38pm · PCOS: what causes it? What treatment? in Women's Health

I do not have PCOS but have friends with it. In their cases, it seemed to be hereditary. Some have regular cycles, others don't, but they were all able to have children (although it took awhile). It seems to be a type of diabetes because they were put on a diabetic diet to help keep their hormones more regular.