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Wed, May 29 2:07pm · Abdominal Pain and Cramps After Hysterectomy in Women's Health

I looked up glycopyrrolate on WebMD and a side effect is cramps.
I had a total robotic hysterectomy for endometriosis and still kept having crampy pain but no one could find anything. Then last summer started having unnatural bleeding, but still no one could find anything. Finally my GP found it and said it was possibly an endometriosis breakthrough. She had my ob/gyn
cauterize it

Fri, Apr 19 12:45pm · Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Periods in Women's Health

I do not have CFS but I do have endometriosis. A condition that causes severe pain, increase period problems (severe cramps, out of control flow, etc). It also caused anemia, due to the heavy flows and terrible fatigue. The fatigue was caused by the anemia which was due to a lack of iron from the heavy flows, and the increased pain/cramps which took a lot out of me.
I have also read that CFS may be caused by a deficency of B vitamins. So perhaps you should get checked for anemia and if you have a deficiency of B vitamins. Or maybe you can take a B Complex supplement and see if that helps at all. I would also recommend getting checked for endometriosis, the only problem is only laparoscopic surgery can find it. I happened to be a 'lucky' person, mine had formed cysts that were big enough to be seen with ultrasound, but usually endometriosis does not form cysts except in the latter stages.
As for what did I do to feel better? When the pain struck all I could do was lie down. I would try to listen to my favorite music. Once the pain died down, I tried to go to sleep. I also took Advil but it didn't seem to work much, but did some. Also warmth on my tummy helped relax me.
Even now when I suddenly feel heavy fatigue coming on (a sure sign of pain to follow). Even though pain hasn't come yet, if I take Advil when I have the fatigue and no pain yet, I will start to feel better. That is the best way, stop the pain, cramps before they start.

Tue, Apr 16 9:09am · Itching skin that blisters in Skin Health

Have you been checked for Celiac Disease? In 2011 I also had a very itchy, blistering skin rash all over my front and back. No doctor seemed to know what it was, but 5 years later I tested positive for Celiac Disease. There is a skin rash called Dermatitis Herpetiformis that can be a symptom of Celiac. The GI dr thinks it might have been Dermatitis Herpetiformis that I had, and when I see pictures, I think so too. Go to a GI dr and get tested for Celiac. It is an inherited autoimmune problem.
It could also be Shingles, but Shingles usually forms a line of blisters that itch and burns at same time.

Thu, Mar 28 12:27pm · Sciatica in Chronic Pain

I had a friend whose husband had a vertebrae compression fracture (when 2 or more vertebrae press on each other and eventually a stress fracture forms.)
He was in terrible pain and had to spend weeks in bed until the fracture healed enough for him to start moving.
I also have heard that too many steroid shots can weaken or even rupture tendons. I do not know how many would be too much, probably depends on the person. I had sciatica once and also got a shot. It did not work either, although it did not give me a headache or anything like that. I finally decided to go to a chiropractor. The x-ray showed I had the beginnings of Degenerative Disc Disease (aka: arthritis of the spine) and the spaces between several of my lower discs was narrowing. Also had a bone spur on one disc that was narrowing the space. He gave me several adjustments (over several weeks) and exercises to keep my discs spread out more and to strengthen my back. If I don't do them, I can start feeling it.

Thu, Mar 28 9:09am · I've been sick for the last two weeks and idk why in Women's Health

Have you been checked for celiac disease or endometriosis? Celiac can cause mysterious GI illnesses for no apparent reason. You can also keep track of what you eat. If foods containing wheat flour, or wheat bother you, then get checked for celiac or other related problems.
Endometriosis is a female disease. Unfortunately, it can only be discovered through surgery, unless it has formed cysts, like mine had. Then it can be seen by ultrasound, but removed through surgery.

Tue, Mar 26 9:11am · Fibromyalgia or something else? Pain in thigh and entire left leg+knee in Chronic Pain

I have had similar pain a few months ago. At first, I thought it was my back, because I have had sciatica in the past, but my back did not hurt.
Then I thought it was my office chair and I switched out. That did help with pain behind my knee, but did not help with upper thigh/hip pain. I have been told that I have some arthritis in my hip, but it did not feel like arthritis. But I did decide to buy some new shoes and that did help with the pain. So I don't know if the pain was caused by unsupportive shoes (which probably twisted my leg slightly) or if the new shoes helped with the arthritis, but I'm glad that it was an easy and fairly inexpensive way to stop my leg ache.

Fri, Mar 1 12:27pm · cramping with no ovaries, cervix, or uterus? in Women's Health

I know that at the moment, endometriosis can only be diagnosed through surgery. But surgery is expensive and carries high risks for many people. Many women cannot afford surgery or may be high risk and don't want to take the chance of serious complications.
Isn't there some other way that endometriosis can be found and diagnosed accurately? I hear of many tests where a dye is injected and it shows up damage to soft tissue. (for example: when I was a kid, I injured my knee. A dye was injected into my knee to see if I had torn cartilage, which I did not)
Can something similar be done for endo?
I am not a nurse or scientist, but I do suffer from endometriosis. I suffered with it for 20+ years because drs either did not know or didn't care. Finally it was severe enough to have formed a cyst, but meanwhile it had spread all over my abdomen. I feel if there had been a test where dye could be injected, it would've been caught sooner and done less damage. The test(s) while still expensive, would be less than surgery and less invasive.
Is there such a method in the works for endo?

Fri, Feb 22 12:05pm · Unexplained diarrhea,malabsorption,dizziness,feeling faint, confusion in Digestive Health

Has she been tested for celiac disease or other food related problems?