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Tue, Jul 21 2:41pm · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

If you are still in the Chicago area, I had TKR 10 weeks ago and am doing amazing. My surgeon is with Hinsdale Orthopedics, Dr. T. Andrew Ehmke. He specializes in robotic surgery and revision surgery. When the time comes, I want him to do my other knee. Maybe he can help you. I have recommended him to several friends. Charmayne Schultz

Wed, Jun 3 4:12pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

Goniometer was only $5.00 on ebay with free shipping. I bought the $5 size there was also one for only $3.

Tue, Apr 21 2:58pm · Joint replacement and other surgeries delayed due to pandemic in Joint Replacements

I had TKR scheduled for 3/24 and was 8 days away when I was called to postpone it. I should have been 4 weeks past surgery now and starting to live again. Thankfully I'm not in pain just limping a little and they say I am bone on bone. Now I fear my summer will be spent doing therapy instead of planning a vacation. I am very depressed about this. I am still very active and plan to be active again as soon as possible. Staying home with this virus has got the best of me. I cry a lot.

Mon, Feb 3 8:26am · Stem cell vs TKR in Joint Replacements

Has anyone done the stem cell injection? Are you satisfied? Did you end up doing TKR eventually.I would rather pay $5,000 out of pocket than do the surgery.

Feb 19, 2019 · knee scope in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Both of my knees are bad. I had one shot of SynviscOne at 6 month intervals. Worked for about 2 years. Now I switched doctors and he recommended Hymovis – two shots per knee at one week intervals. It seems to be working much better. Insurance/Medicare will cover the shots every 6 months. I am not in much pain and hope to put off any knee replacement surgery as long as I can walk. I'm 69 and average size and very active.

Jan 28, 2019 · Stem cell injection in knee to avoid surgery? in Joint Replacements

I'm hoping to try stem cell at about $5,000 per knee. I have done SynviscOne shots, AmnioFlex shots at $1,500 each and now one shot of Hymovis. I will do one stem cell first and see if there is any improvement. I really want to avoid TKR as long as possible. My pain lever is about a 2, but I have developed a limp that bothers me. Any one done stem cell? Did it work? How long did it last? Thanks, Charmayne

Dec 26, 2018 · Cost of stem cell therapy at Mayo in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I just had an injection of Hymovis a month ago and it worked a lot better than SynviscOne for me. Both were covered by Medicare. I also paid out of pocket $1,500 per knee for AmnioFix which did nothing for me.

Nov 17, 2018 · What does it feel like to walk on an artificial knee? in Joint Replacements

So far I have been avoiding surgery on both knees. I don't want to deal with the therapy, scars and time off work. Having my bones cut scares me to death. I'm 69 and in great shape, very active and still working. I've done the SynviscOne shots 6 times and AmnioFix about a month ago. The AmnioFix cost me $1,500 per knee and did nothing. I'm going back to the orthopedic doctor next week form some other kind of shot. Any other ideas to avoid surgery? I'm thinking of trying PRP before trying stem cells. Thanks